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Post 287  Savannah, Missouri




CHARTER DATE: April 17, 1920

POST NAMESAKE: Dick Munkres (Corporal Richard Bland Munkres)


WHAT MAKES OUR POST UNIQUE: Post 287 is one of only 2 Posts that have been to every American Legion National Convention Parade since getting chartered in 1920. Post 287 of Rantoul, Illinois is the only other one who can make the same claim. Read more »

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History *** DICK MUNKRES POST 287, THE AMERICAN LEGION *** This history was prepared by Keith K. Stanton *** On February 26, 1920, a meeting of ex-service men was held in the wall-papered room of W.B. Limerick Drug Store, (418 Court St.) for the purpose of organizing a Post of the American Legion. *** Robert Gore acted as chairman and conducted the preliminary deliberations. *** Omar Hurst was elected as acting Commander and, upon motion by Virgil Reece, seconded by Cecil Teaford, which motion carried, the Post was named after DICK MUNKRES, who had been killed in action in the.. Full story »
YEAR / COMMANDER / MEMBERSHIP 1920 / Eddie Gray/ 161--- 1921 / Virgil Reece/ 134--- 1922 / Ralph Waterson/ 160--- 1923 / Ralph Waterson/ 86--- 1924 / G.E. Graham/ 92--- 1925 / Omar Hurst/ 69--- 1926 / W.B. Merritt/ 55--- 1927 / W.B. Merritt/ 43--- 1928 / W.O. Swenson/ 63--- 1929 / W.O. Swenson/ 69--- 1930 / F.H. Hardin/ 76--- 1931 /F.H. Hardin/ 75--- 1932 / R.T. Dobyns/48--- 1933 /F.H. Kurz/ 52--- 1934 / A.E. Pendleton/ 54--- 1935 / C.A. Moore/ 72--- 1936 / E.B. Hunt/ 79--- 1937 / J. Ray Lambright/ 70--- 1938 / H.R. Breit/ 102--- 1939 /.. Full story »
Corporal Richard Bland Munkres:  Headquarters Company 356th Infantry, 89th Division  Born August 16, 1890  Inducted into service October 3, 1917 at Savannah, Missouri  In training at Camp Funston until May 23, 1918  Sailed for France June 3, 1918  In training at Liffol – le- Grand, France for 6 weeks before going into the front lines  Active Engagements: Lucy Sector. St. Mihiel Offensive. Occupation of Euvizon Sector.  Killed in action in the Bantheville Woods during the.. Full story »
January 4, 1921- It was voted to purchase a Post Flag, 6 rocking chairs, 2 rugs, and a roll-top desk. *** March 15, 1921- Plans were adopted to assist the women of the county to organize a women’s auxiliary and the ladies were invited to meet with the Post to organize. *** May 3, 1921- Motion to purchase a victrola for $150, the machine was ordered purchased. *** May 10, 1921- A baseball team was organized. *** October 15, 1921- It appeared that Post funds $33.14 in a members possession had been misappropriated and he was notified that unless he.. Full story »
November 1926- Post vacated rooms over the Farris Cafa (Terhune Hall) and moved into a room over the Quality Shop. (West side of the square, 110 South 5th) *** 1927- Comrade Bruce Merritt submitted a proposition to have the members of the Post donate eggs for hatching, (at his hatchery), the chickens hatched, to be sold, and all sums realized over and above necessary expenses of hatching, be used to send the Flag to Paris. This plan was thoroughly discussed and, as it appeared feasible, and it was voted by the few members present to try it. A motion was.. Full story »
1930- The Post lost $70.36 when the First Trust Co. closed. In June 1931, the Andrew County Bank failed, tying up all of the Post’s funds. This was the 3rd bank to fail, in which the Post had funds. *** March 4, 1931- A resolution asking the Post Office Department to erect a building in Savannah was presented and rejected. 2nd annual turkey shoot on November 4th made a profit of $51.11. *** March 2, 1932- Mrs. Warner Woolverton, Auxiliary President conceived the idea for a plot of ground in the Savannah Cemetery to be set aside in the early.. Full story »
1940- Voted to purchase a filing cabinet for use of the adjutant and finance officer, not to exceed $20.00 *** May- Talked about formation of a Son’s of The American Legion Squadron. Francis Turner and Kenna Farris chosen for Boys State. *** May 5, 1941- Post sponsored a motion picture at the Globe Theatre as they had a number of times in the past. *** May 7, 1941- An appropriation of $500.00 was voted for comrade Davison of Fillmore, who was a sufferer of the Fillmore tornado. *** The Post held Memorial Day programs from the time they were chartered... Full story »
Summer of 1946- City council gave the American Legion permission to hold a carnival, for WWII Veterans, on and around the square during the week of August 14-15-16, and 17. It netted a profit of $535.00. Post gave away a car. *** April 17, 1946- The fee for boys attending Boys State will be $20.00. *** May 1, 1946- Comrade Hardin and Davis reported in regard to the memorial plot at the cemetery. They had planned walks thru the center each way and to encircle the flag pole, which is to be erected in the center. One fourth of the.. Full story »
January 4, 1950- About 20 members from the Post went to a meeting at the Roy Curd Post in Saint Joseph. *** January 30, 1950- John C. Landis III to prepare warrentee deed for Glen Thompson’s signature. We had a 5-year lease dated 3-3-48 from Glenn, and Ethel Thompson with option to purchase old fairgrounds for $8,500.00. *** May 1, 1950- The deed to the fairgrounds has been recorded and the grounds purchased. *** April.. Full story »
January 3, 1951- Fair Committee reported meeting with Gus Karras concerning dates available for the fair. Royal Turner was appointed to decide the date of the Rolling Pioneers Basketball Game. *** January 17, 1951- A letter was read concerning petition to County Court for a fairground entrance. Comrade Zahnd suggested Legion members take more interest in the Boy Scouts. Up to this point it was ordered that cards and cigarettes were ordered sent when a member was in the hospital. --- Comrade Bob Powell presented the Commander with a gavel he had made and expressed the hope it would be.. Full story »
June 3, 1953- Comrade Royal Turner reported that he had made a deal to buy the Chipps place. It lays on the south east corner of the fairgrounds. It has a four-room house, a barn, and some other out buildings, and four acres of land with it for $4,500.00. *** Comrade Harold Oliver made a motion that we except payment from Memorial Park for the refreshment building we built and that it be used to.. Full story »
THE FIRST LIFE MEMBERSHIP EVER TO BE PRESENTED BY DICK MUNKRES POST WAS GIVEN TO MR. HERMAN BREIT ON SEPTEMBER 8TH OF 1955. *** The Post bought furniture at a sale of the old Chillicothe Business College. 90 chairs at $1.25 each, 1 desk at $58.00, 1 swivel chair at $28.00, and 4 walnut chairs at $11.00 each. *** A block of dimes was held on the north side of the square in January for.. Full story »
March 20, 1957- We built a new 1/5th mile track inside the old ½ mile track. We put lights on it and we could race at night for the first time. *** June 1957- Keith Stanton was appointed track manager. *** August 21, 1957- It was reported there was a chance of getting the 4H Clubs to help with building a livestock building. *** October 16, 1957- Fair Board met with the 4H Council and.. Full story »
January 5, 1960- Al Lance gave his, opinion “ That it was legal according to our articles of Incorporation to dispose of the assets and liabilities of the Andrew County American Legion Memorial Park and disband the organization,” opinion that the costs would be nominal. Post to be approached relative to accepting. *** January 6, 1960- Emmitt Turner, Secretary of Memorial Park Board, reported the bonds on the Park are due March 1, 1960. There.. Full story »
September 18, 1964- It was reported that the IRS was trying to collect taxes on earnings of the Post for several back years. *** November 20, 1964- It was voted to send a letter to the city council that the American Legion was in favor of raising funds for new radio equipment for the Savannah Fire Department. *** March 17, 1965- Our race track is being improved and races will start May 15.*** November 17,.. Full story »
This history was prepared by Charter Member, Omar Hurst, and was published in the Savannah Reporter March 20, 1969. *** On February 26, 1920 a meeting of ex-servicemen was held in the wallpaper room of the W.B. Limerick Drug Store for the purpose of organizing a post of the American Legion. Robert Gore acted as the chairman. Omar Hurst was elected acting post commander. Upon motion by Virgil Reece, seconded by Cecil Teaford, the post.. Full story »
January 31, 1971- House rented to Orvie Bretz for $45.00 a month. *** January 31, 1971- A letter was read from the Department Commander for going Over-the-Top in membership. *** September 8, 1971- Roy McMahan of Kansas City wants to buy the track. *** September 15, 1971- Motion to sell track for no less than $50,000.00. *** October 6, 1971- Motion to purchase a trailer to transport the Model-T on. *** March 1, 1972- Post.. Full story »
December 3, 1980- Membership 464. *** March 18, 1981- Post received around $2,000.00 from Emma Duncan Kubah and $2,000.00 from Bill Spencer’s estates. *** February 17, 1982- Raised dues to $15.00. *** July 21, 1982- Wilton Adkins reported auto races cancelled for this season. Go ahead and put Vietnam Honor Roll Board in Courthouse. Sponsored by Post and Auxiliary. October 9, 1982- Scouts plan to bury a time capsule behind the Scout Cabin and the.. Full story »
June 4, 1986- Plans to build a new kitchen/bar area in the north end of the basement. *** July 2, 1986- After a lengthy discussion it was moved to raise the rent on the building to $75.00 for the upstairs and the same for the downstairs. *** July 14, 1986- Promoter has quit the racetrack. Memorial Park will attempt to run balance of the season with Clif Tracy to oversee operations. *** July 21, 1986- Board voted to close the track for an indefinite time. *** August 6, 1986- There is a possibility of selling land north of the beer.. Full story »
May 9, 1990- It looks as if there is a slim chance of getting the V.A. Nursing Home here even if we are willing to give the Memorial Park grounds to them. *** June 6, 1990- Post to supplement the Auxiliary $50.00 a month for the Veterans Home in Levenworth visits. *** June 17, 1992- A letter was read from the estate of Harry Duncan stating the Post will receive $45,000 from his estate.*** January 6, 1993- Night bingo will resume January 9th. *** February 17, 1993- Membership decided to stop bingo after February 20. It was reported we applied.. Full story »