1940- Voted to purchase a filing cabinet for use of the adjutant and finance officer, not to exceed $20.00 ***

May- Talked about formation of a Son’s of The American Legion Squadron. Francis Turner and Kenna Farris chosen for Boys State. ***

May 5, 1941- Post sponsored a motion picture at the Globe Theatre as they had a number of times in the past. ***

May 7, 1941- An appropriation of $500.00 was voted for comrade Davison of Fillmore, who was a sufferer of the Fillmore tornado. ***

The Post held Memorial Day programs from the time they were chartered. ***

June 4, 1941- The Auxiliary President, Mrs. E. B. Hunt reports that a total of $129.32 was collected in the name of the Legion Auxiliary at Fillmore for the relief of tornado sufferers during the recent tornado there. Members of the Post assisted in directing auto traffic on the day following the storm, and were present to assist in any needed way. Several Post members volunteered to shingle comrade Frank Pophan’s house. He had been severely injured in an automobile wreck. During the course of the work, comrade Fleming suffered a severe back injury through collapse of the rear porch, and had to be sent to the Veteran’s Hospital in Excelior Springs. ***

September 17, 1941- Our Post Colors with color guards are to be in the Savannah centennial celebration parade. ***

October 15, 1941- A proposal submitted by comrade Kurz, that the old Gatling gun now kept at the Ed. V. Price Library be placed in the courtyard; or in the east corridor of the courthouse was considered. Comrade Breit announced a meeting of the civilian national defense to be held at the Robidoux Hotel in Saint Joseph on Friday, October 31st and urged attendance of all those interested. ***

December 17, 1941- Locks on the Legion room doors in the courthouse were changed so as to exclude unauthorized use. ***

January 7, 1942- Air raid warning service was discussed.***

January 21, 1942- The enrollment of air wardens for the present emergency was thoroughly discussed and detailed instructions as to procedure were read. There were 63 enrollments turned in, to make a total of 136 to date. The Legion has been assigned this activity and 260 men are required as soon as possible. ***

September 2, 1942- The Commander announced that 1600 old phonograph records had been collected and shipped to the salvage committee at Chicago. ***

November 18, 1942- A proposition that Post install a memorial board containing the names of all Andrew County men who have entered the armed services in the present war be placed in the corridor of the courthouse was discussed. ***

March 3, 1943- The old First Methodist Church property has been offered to the Post for $1500.00 for the Post home. ***

November 26, 1943- Fifteen letters were sent to the families of Veterans from Andrew County that had given their life for the country. ***

June 7, 1944- $17.00 was turned over to Comrade Swenson, which was freewill donations to maintain the expense of the boy scout cabin. ***

May 16, 1945- Membership to a all time high. (253) ***

October 3, 1945- Some talk about changing the Post name, but it was felt that it would be a bad move. ***

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