June 4, 1986- Plans to build a new kitchen/bar area in the north end of the basement. ***

July 2, 1986- After a lengthy discussion it was moved to raise the rent on the building to $75.00 for the upstairs and the same for the downstairs. ***

July 14, 1986- Promoter has quit the racetrack. Memorial Park will attempt to run balance of the season with Clif Tracy to oversee operations. ***

July 21, 1986- Board voted to close the track for an indefinite time. ***

August 6, 1986- There is a possibility of selling land north of the beer stand. ***

December 3, 1986- Due to future of racing board voted to have race track appraised. ***

January 7, 1987- Post voted to pay up to $50.00 on gas and electric bill each, but no more for the Boy Scout Cabin. The cabin had been checked when not in use and found the heat to be set at 80 degrees. ***

March 18, 1987- The Savannah J. C.’s painted the outside of the building. ***

April 15, 1987- K.C. promoter Max V. Grogan to have practice session for race cars here on May 17, 1987. ***

June 17, 1987- Harry Duncan donated $2,500.00 toward installing a new ceiling to the upper room of the Legion Hall. ***

July 15, 1987- Wilton Adkins will meet with IRS about monies it feels we owe. It was moved to pay them and to protest the payment. ***

August 5, 1987- 20 cents a mile one way paid to National Convention. ***

September 16, 1987- Boy Scout Troop 60 presented the Scout Charter to the Post. This makes 53 years the Post has sponsored the troop. ***

October 21, 1987- Hall to have 3 inch insulation put in ceiling at a cost of $2,760.00. ***

January 6, 1988- Ken Rosenauer talked about getting the Memorial Park grounds for a National Guard Armory if Savannah qualifies. ***

April 20, 1988- Dues to $20.00 for 88-89 year. ***

June 6, 1988- Memorial Park Board voted to list the Memorial Park grounds for sale exempting the parking lot and access to the highway. ***

Ron Schwizer to get bids on tearing down the old horse barn.***

June 1, 1988- Doyle Lance is now in charge of the racetrack. He will honor the old race contract. ***

November 2, 1988- There will be a Veteran’s Park dedication November 11th at 9:30 WEST OF THE CITY HALL. ***

May 9, 1989- Keith Stanton reported about the bad condition of the Memorial Park. ***

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