September 18, 1964- It was reported that the IRS was trying to collect taxes on earnings of the Post for several back years. ***

November 20, 1964- It was voted to send a letter to the city council that the American Legion was in favor of raising funds for new radio equipment for the Savannah Fire Department. ***

March 17, 1965- Our race track is being improved and races will start May 15.***

November 17, 1965- Keith Stanton reported he had received a letter for our C.P.A. concerning the IRS. The Post is in the clear, but the Park Board is subject to tax. ***

January 19, 1966- Over-the-Top November 11, 1965.***

February 2, 1966- Voted to buy 12 tables and 100 chairs for the hall, not to be removed from the property. ---
Comrade Bud Lemmon was in-charge of the turkey fry. The Post members ate about 60 pounds of frys. ***

January 18, 1967- Keith Stanton stated he would not be track manager again. He will get the contract signed with the Pony Express Racing Association for the 1967 season. ***

December 6, 1967- A resolution was drawn up for Post 287 Colors and Color Guards to lead the National Convention Parade in New Orleans in September 1968. This resolution was adopted at the 4th District meeting and sent to Missouri Department. ---
Copies of resolution to be sent to George Washington Post #1, Washington D.C. and Naval Post 195, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who hold the same distinction as our Post. ***

February 21, 1968- Jim Crawford reported that the fair board had met, and decided to have a fair. It was decided to have a free gate with no grandstand entertainment, but would have the carnival and 4H exhibits. ***

September 1968- Commander Willis Hamilton, Caryl Todd, Richard Latham, Francis Turner, and Curtis Schopher went to the National Convention in New Orleans. They led the parade with our Post Colors, and carried a banner with the Post name, “THESE COLORS CARRIED AT EVERY NATIONAL CONVENTION PARADE.” ***

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