History ***


This history was prepared by Keith K. Stanton ***

On February 26, 1920, a meeting of ex-service men was held in the wall-papered room of W.B. Limerick Drug Store, (418 Court St.) for the purpose of organizing a Post of the American Legion. ***

Robert Gore acted as chairman and conducted the preliminary deliberations. ***

Omar Hurst was elected as acting Commander and, upon motion by Virgil Reece, seconded by Cecil Teaford, which motion carried, the Post was named after DICK MUNKRES, who had been killed in action in the Meuse-Argonne campaign, on October 21, 1918. He was in HDQRS. Co. 336 INF. 89 Div. A.E.F. ***

The application for Post Charter was signed by the (19) men present. Other names (60) were added subsequently. A charter was formally applied for and, on April 23, 1920, a meeting was held in the Circuit Court room to effect a permanent organization, the charter having arrived; giving the Post the number 287. At this meeting, the following officers were elected: ***

Post Commander Eddie Gray ---
Adjutant Francis E. Dray ---
Treasurer Cloyd Lamar ---
Service Officer Bennett Cook ---
Employment Officer Virgil T. Reece ---
Chaplain Bruce Merritt ---
Historian Cecil Teaford ---
Athletic Officer &
Sergeant-at-Arms Byron E. Nuckols ---
Executive Committee Omar Hurst ---
Robert Gore ---
Frank Hardin ---

Saturday night was chosen as meeting night. ***

The Post observed Memorial Day, May 30, 1920 in an impressive program held in the Auditorium of the Public Library Building, which was beautifully decorated by the Civic Improvement Club and Semper Fidelis. ***

During June and July, the new organization was inactive, as the men were busy with their own affairs. ***

The John Terhune Hall (114 So. 5th St.) on the west side of the square was leased in September 1920 and plans were made for immediate improvement. Meeting nights were changed from Saturday night to Tuesday night. ***

Ice cream socials were given at Rosendale, Bolckow, and Whitesville, and a total of $150.00 was realized, to apply on the rental for the new Post rooms. ***

At the regular meeting in August, the business men of Savannah were invited and plans were made for a Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Reunion to be held in Savannah in September. Various committees were appointed to carry out all arrangements, these consisting of both business men and post members. This first annual Soldiers and Sailors Reunion was held on Friday and Saturday, September 10-11 at Glendale Park in South Savannah. Band concerts and speeches by L.G. Gabbert and Congressman Chas. L. Faust; games and contests, boxing bouts, baseball games, tug-of-war, and other amusements were provided; but the affair was marred by rainy weather. ***

The first meeting in the new Post rooms was held on Tuesday, September 20, 1920, at the conclusion of which the first smoker was held. Sandwiches and cigars were served. ***

The first funeral attended by the Post was that of John Ray Killen, on Sunday, October 17, 1920, held at Fillmore. ***

On October 19th and 20th a local talen play; “Oh, Oh, Cindy” was sponsored by the Post, being given in the Auditorium by the Semper Fidelis club for the benefit of the Post, the proceeds of which were about $215.00. ***

The Post also sponsored a number of dances in October and November from which some money was realized. ***

On December 7, 1920, new officers were elected, after adjournment, refreshments of sandwiches, coffee, cigars, and cigarettes were served. ***

The Post had a membership of 161 for 1920.

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