Boy Scout Wolf Pack 60 held there meeting at Dick Munkres American Legion Post 287. The scouts themselves were curious as to what the American Legion does. The Scout leaders thought it would be a great opportunity to have the American Legion Family talk on Americanism as well. The Scouts received a tour of the facility. A presentation on what the American Legion does was given. The evening ended with some flag etiquette and refreshments. Volunteers included: Billy Kretzer, Mark Brock, Steve Crockett, Ken Ballard, and Terry Beasley. Photography by Legionnaire & Sons of the American Legion Steve Crockett



Getting the History of Billy Doyle Smith, who received the Navy Cross posthumously during the Korean War


Answering their questions


Disassembled rifle display


Talk on, "What is The American Legion"


Flag etiquette by Mark Brock and Ken Ballard (L to R)


Mark Brock answering questions


Ken Ballard handing out flags


Mark Brock and Terry Beasley handing out flags




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