1930- The Post lost $70.36 when the First Trust Co. closed. In June 1931, the Andrew County Bank failed, tying up all of the Post’s funds. This was the 3rd bank to fail, in which the Post had funds. ***

March 4, 1931- A resolution asking the Post Office Department to erect a building in Savannah was presented and rejected. 2nd annual turkey shoot on November 4th made a profit of $51.11. ***

March 2, 1932- Mrs. Warner Woolverton, Auxiliary President conceived the idea for a plot of ground in the Savannah Cemetery to be set aside in the early spring for the purpose of erecting white crosses and planting a poppy field to commemorate the lives of the men of this county, who had made the supreme sacrifice. The field was in readiness in July of that year. ***

Both Post and Auxiliary passed a resolution tendering their services to the Savannah School Board in the coming election, which was to provide the necessary funds to erect a new school building to replace the one destroyed by fire in February. ***

October 5, 1932- A motion was adopted to reduce annual dues to $3.00.

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