January 31, 1971- House rented to Orvie Bretz for $45.00 a month. ***

January 31, 1971- A letter was read from the Department Commander for going Over-the-Top in membership. ***

September 8, 1971- Roy McMahan of Kansas City wants to buy the track. ***

September 15, 1971- Motion to sell track for no less than $50,000.00. ***

October 6, 1971- Motion to purchase a trailer to transport the Model-T on. ***

March 1, 1972- Post dues raised from $6.00 to $8.00. ---
Keith Stanton reported that the park board proposed leasing the race track with opiton to sell for $60,000.00. ***

March 17, 1972- McMahan offered $60,000.00 for everything north of 4 feet north of the building.***

March 15, 1972- Milt Clevenger reported that the sale and lease of the track was canceled. ***

April 15, 1972- Track leased to the Saint Joseph Racing Association.***

April 19, 1972- Cecil Teaford, a charter member of the Post, presented the Post two letters stating that he was giving the Post Standard Oil stock of New Jersey and Indiana, to become the property of the Post at the death of his two nieces, with the stipulation that the Post decorate the Teaford graves on each Memorial Day as long as the Post exists.***

December 28, 1972- A meeting of all Post members was held to vote on selling the holdings of The Memorial Park. There were 26 against, and 15 for the sale. There were a number present for the first time, and signed the corporation papers. ***

March 20, 1973- Contract signed with the Pony Express Racing Association for the next two years. ***

September 15, 1973- Post has over 500 members at this time.***

May 5, 1974- 557 members to date. ***

August 7, 1974- Post to pay 10 cents per mile to the National Convention. ***

March 19, 1975- Post to donate a Post Colors flag to the Andrew County Historical Society.***

May 7, 1975- Robert Crawford reported that minutes of previous years was recorded at the recorders office in the Andrew County courthouse, and there for anyone to read. ***

June 3, 1975- The board voted to assist in building a new 4H building by deeding one care of land more or less, to the County of Andrew, for the purpose of providing a place for a 4H building, with the provision that the land will be leased back to the Post on a long-term lease. The State of Missouri is to give $2,500.00 in matching funds. ***

July 17, 1975- Mileage to the National Convention was raised to 15 cents a mile one way. ***

November 3, 1976- Wilton Adkins appointed track manager. ---
(Nothing in Memorial Park sec. book from December 6, 1978 through April 24, 1981) ***

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