National Commander James W. “Bill” Oxford visited the Department of Missouri from September 14 – 18, 2019. Commander Oxford traveled throughout the 4th District on September 16th. The American Legion Riders Dick Munkres Chapter 287 provided an all-day escort of the traveling party. The route started at Post 445 in Edgerton. The additional stops then included: Post 49 (Rock Port), Post 464 (Conception Junction), Post 359 (Saint Joseph, and then ended in Savannah. Dick Munkres Post 287 had the privilege to host an evening dinner meal in honor of Commander Oxford and the traveling party. The traveling party consisted of Larry Cline, Aide to the National Commander, NEC Kenny Goth, Department Commander Hallie Williams, Department Senior Vice Commander Gary Grigsby, Immediate Past Department Commander Kerry Boardman, Department Chaplain Marvin Harper, Department Adjutant Lowry Finley-Jackson, Department Sergeant-at-Arms Darlene Coats, Department Historian Jerome Goolsby, Zone 2 Commander Joe Cochran, 4th District Commander Lenny Hill, and SAL Detachment Senior Vice and Western Vice Commander Mike Walter. Post 287 Commander Rusty Chester conducted the opening ceremony. Guests were further introduced by NEC Goth and Department Commander Williams. A meal was served. After the meal, National Commander Oxford awarded Dick Munkres Post 287 with a Certificate of Appreciation and the official National Commander photograph. National Commander Oxford, Department Commander Williams, and Department Adjutant Finley-Jackson had a special presentation for Dick Munkres Post 287. Dick Munkres Post 287 was awarded the “Post Excellence Award Flag Banner.” Legionnaire and Savannah Mayor Don Dillman read a proclamation given to National Commander Oxford. Commander Oxford complemented the City of Savannah for such amazing support of The American Legion. Commander Oxford greatly appreciated seeing Main Street lined with American and the 50 State flags in honor of his arrival into town. Legionnaire Billy Kretzer was recognized for setting out the flag display. Secondly, it was pointed out, how both the Mayor of Savannah Don Dillman and the Andrew County Sheriff Bryan Atkins were both active members of The American Legion. A picture was taken including National Commander Oxford, Department Commander Williams, Mayor Dillman and Sheriff Atkins. Sons of the American Legion Dick Munkres Squadron 287 members who were present, also were able to get a group picture with the National and Department Commanders. Dick Munkres Post 287 was honored to once again have the opportunity to host a National Commander traveling in the Department of Missouri. The was Post 287 4th time to host a National Commander visit in the last 8 years. The other Past National Commander visits included: Charles E. Schmidt (2016), Dale Barnett (2015), and Fang A. Wong (2011).



Legoin Rider escort


Legion Rider escort


Legion Rider Escorts


National Commander Oxford, 4th District Commander Lenny Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Marshall White. Legionnaire Marshall White is also a reporter for The Savannah Report newspaper


The Savannah Reporter photographer Kristy Fender, Marshall White and National Commander Oxford (L to R)


National Commander Bill Oxford and Department Chaplain Marvin Harper (L to R)


Dept. Senior Vice Commander Gary Grigsby, Past Dept. Commander Kerry Boardman and SAL Detachment Senior and Western Vice Commander Mike Walter


Placing National and Department Legion Flags is Dept. Sgt.-at-Arms Darlene Coats and SAL Squad 287 Commander Mark Brock


Department Historian Jerome Goolsby, Dept. Commander Hallie Williams, Nat. Cmdr. Oxford, and The Savannah Reporter Marshall White


Post 287 Auxiliary member Patsy Kretzer and National Commadner Bill Oxford


Opening Ceremony: NEC Kenny Goth, National Commander Bill Oxford and Post 287 Commander Rusty Chester


Meal Served: those serving are Dave Hehn, Cathy Major, and Randy Major (L to R)


Department Commadner Hallie Williams doing introductions


Department Adjutant Lowry Finley-Jackson


Department Historian Jerome Goolsby


Introduction of National Commander Bill Oxford by NEC Kenny Goth


Larry Cline, Aide to National Commander


Official National Commander Photo to Post Commander Rusty Chester


2019 Post Excellence Award Flag Banner awarded to Post 287 by National Commander Oxford and Department Adjutant Finley-Jackson


Proclamation to National Commander Oxford from Legionnaire and City of Savannah Mayor Don Dillman


Proclamation to National Commander Oxford


Show of local community support: Legionnaire and Andrew County Sheriff Bryan Atkins, National Commander Oxford, Legionnaire and Mayor Don Dillman and Dept. Commander Hallie Willaims


Show of Force from SAl Squad 287 members present. Pictured: Nat. Commander Oxford, SAL and Dept. Chaplain Marvin Harper, Mike Walter, Dept. Cmdr. Williams, SAL Randy Major and SAL John Holland


SAL Group picture: SAL Terry Beasley, Mark Menard, Marvin Harper, Nat. Cmdr. Oxford, SAL Mike Walter, Dept. Cmdr. Williams, SAL Timmy Williams, Randy Major, John Holland, Steve Crockett, and Cecil Raines (L to R)


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