January 5, 1960- Al Lance gave his, opinion “ That it was legal according to our articles of Incorporation to dispose of the assets and liabilities of the Andrew County American Legion Memorial Park and disband the organization,” opinion that the costs would be nominal. Post to be approached relative to accepting. ***

January 6, 1960- Emmitt Turner, Secretary of Memorial Park Board, reported the bonds on the Park are due March 1, 1960. There are $14,500.00 outstanding bonds at this time, $8,500.00 belonging to Dick Munkres Post and $6,000.00 to Post members. He stated it was his recommendation to the Park Board, the Post borrow the money to pay off the bonds and Andrew County American Legion Memorial Park be done away with. The Post treasury has $2,400.00 in it. Comrade Herman Breit voiced his disapproval of this plan. He stated he thought it a mistake to put all our eggs in one basket so to speak. Frank Hardin, Lloyd Zahnd, W.O. Swenson, and Robert Stewart also talked on the subject. A motion was made for the Commander to appoint the Post Executive Committee and some others to meet with the Park Board to discuss the subject, and report back at our next meeting. ***

October 16, 1960- It was reported the races had been successful in spite of the short season. ***

March 15, 1961- Kitchen equipment purchased at a reasonable price at the Clarkie Edgewood sale in Saint Joseph. ***

June 25, 1961- Motorcycle races were held. ***

September 19, 1962- The Executive Committee recommended that the membership purchase the Downing property for $8,000.00. It joins our property on the south. ***

December 19, 1962- Milt Clevenger made a motion to set our dues at $5.00 for the balance of the 62-63 year.***

January 16, 1963- Motion to sell the house (Downing) on our property for $4,150.00 to Irvin Karr.***

April 1963- A motion was made and carried that the Post lease the Park Corporation holdings and the Park Corporation become dormant. ***

May 15, 1963- Post bylaws amended, “It shall be the duty of Post Commander to be President of the Andrew County American Legion Memorial Park Incorporation.” He shall hold an election at the first regular meeting in November to elect members of the board of directors of the Park Corporation. ***

The Executive Committee reported to the members that they entertained the idea of no dances for the coming year. After much discussion concerning the dances it was voted to have no dances the coming year.***

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