November 1926- Post vacated rooms over the Farris Cafa (Terhune Hall) and moved into a room over the Quality Shop. (West side of the square, 110 South 5th) ***

1927- Comrade Bruce Merritt submitted a proposition to have the members of the Post donate eggs for hatching, (at his hatchery), the chickens hatched, to be sold, and all sums realized over and above necessary expenses of hatching, be used to send the Flag to Paris. This plan was thoroughly discussed and, as it appeared feasible, and it was voted by the few members present to try it. A motion was adopted appropriating $200 toward the expenses of the member taking the Flag. The baby chick project failed to add any money to the Post funds and the committee having the matter in charge said that it just about broke even. ***

1927- The Post moved over the Nicholas Bakery. (107 South 4th) Then, due to poor finances in February 1929, the Post moved to a room at the Sanatorium power house, rent free, until such time as the Post could be built up and it’s funds be replenished. They had about 10 faithful members at this time. ***

The County Court made a room in the basement of the courthouse available for the use of Post 287. (Just east of the South entrance) The 1st meeting was held there April 17, 1929. The Post stayed there until October 17, 1956, when it moved into its new clubrooms at the fair grounds. ***

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