Pot 287 annually conducts a Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony. Legionnaire Brian Stackhouse puts together the event for us each year. Colonel James Beesley, U.S. Army was this year's guest speaker. The parade starts at the Savannah Courthouse Square and marches to the Flanders Field section of the Savannah Cemetery. The Ceremony then follows with help from the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the Savannah High School Band.



Rifle Team practice session: James Jones, Dave Hehn, Mike Walter, Timmy Williams, Vern Tobey, Randy Major, & Terry Beasley (L to R)


Arrival of Guest Speaker James Beesley, and wife Sergeant-Major Mary Beesley, U.S. Army (retired)


Parade Practice Session (Color Guard)


Parade practice session (Rifle Team)


Preparing to go to the downtown parade staging area. Miley & Ron Raines (L to R)


Flanders Field pre-ceremony


Flanders Field grave markers decorated by the Auxiliary


Parade approaching Flanders Field


Color Guard arrival


Rifle Team arrival


VIP arrival


Scouts arrival


Scouts arrival


Scout's leadership: Brandon Corderman, Cub Scout Leader (holding child), John Russell (Board member), and Matt Whipple (Boy Scout leader) (L to R)


Rifle Team in place for the Ceremony


Ceremony ready to begin


Ceremony start with Stan Aspey as the emcee


Legionnaire Ken Rosenauer with the opening prayer


Guest Speaker Colonel James Beesley


Savannah High School Band medley


Savannah High School Band medley


Laying of the Wreath


Commander Chester recognizing The American Legion Family entities (Legion Rider Mike Grimm & Legionnaire & Auxiliary Barb Ebersole behind the Commander)


The American Legion Family entities recognized (Legionnaire & SAL Terry Beasley behind the SAL flag)


Savannah School District Superintendent Dr. Eric Kurre representing the youth of the community standing behind the Savannah High School Colors


Flags of The American Legion Family entities along with the Scouting Flags to honor and recognized the community impact of the groups


Post Everlasting's over the last year honored. Edner Rudolph reading the names.


3 Volleys by the Rifle Team & echo Taps by 2 of the High School Band members


Color Guard Team departure


Rifle Team departure


Ceremony Conclusion


Community invited to the Post for refreshments


Refreshments served by Sandy Aspey, Donna Speake, and Karen Hehn (L to R) at Post 287


Gathering at Post 287 after the ceremony


The American Legion Family - Dick Munkres Post 2987


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