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Post 13  Provo, Utah



CHARTER DATE: September 26, 1919

POST NAMESAKE: Dean Memdenhall

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The American Legion Dean Mendenhall Chapter Provo Post 13 BY-LAWS DEAN MENDENHALL PROVO POST #13 ARTICLE I:Government & Management of Post. The government and management of this post is entrusted of an Executive Committee consisting of twelve members. ARTICLE II: Elected Officers are Ex-Officio Members of the Executive Committee. The elected officers of the post as provided in its Articles or Incorporation shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee, and shall also constitute the Board of Trustees of the Post. ARTICLE III: Election of Officers. All post officers shall be elected annually at the last meeting in June to.. Full story »
Report given at District 4 Spring Convention. AMERICAN LEGION DEAN MENDENHALL CHAPTER PROVO POST 13 AMERICAN LEGION District EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT April 13, 2012 The Dean Mendenhall, Provo Post 13 respectfully submits it’s Annual Report for the Calendar year of 2011- 2012 Present. Our Post had regular monthly meetings. Our most successful events included: Boy and Girl State Program submitting 9 Girls and 9 Boys representing Timpview, Provo, and Independence High Schools. American Legion Essay Contest with 8 submissions, Flag Program presenting 14 Flags through out the community and our schools classrooms. We participated in all Provo’s Mayor’s Veteran’s Council.. Full story »
Open Letter to our Community Dear Veteran, The American Legion, Dean Mendenhall, Provo Post 13 is soliciting your Membership to join our American Legion Family. For nearly a century, The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion have worked steadfastly, side by side, promoting patriotism and national security while supporting youth and advocating for Veterans and active-duty military. The Legion Family also includes American Legion Riders, a program of motorcycle enthusiasts supporting Americanism and it’s Ideals. Members join through a Riders Chapter at an American Legion Post. While Members of The American Legion Family are.. Full story »
Department of Utah 18 June 2012 To: Area, Districts, and Post Commanders Subject: Membership Reference: Vice Commander’s Membership Goals Thank you for the wonderful weekend in Fillmore, Utah. Thank you for the vote of confidence in me in electing me to serve as your Vice Commander for The Department of Utah. Commander Bill Dunlap, Adjutant Greg Rowley and I will communicate guidance of our goals for the Department to accomplish this year under Commander Bill’s leadership. I look forward to working for and with you this coming year. My major role and responsibility is Membership. I look forward to December.. Full story »
AMERICAN LEGION Department of Utah 18 June 2012 To: Area, Districts, and Post Commanders Subject: Membership Reference: Vice Commander’s Membership Goals Thank you for the wonderful weekend in Fillmore, Utah. Thank you for the vote of confidence in me in electing me to serve as your Vice Commander for The Department of Utah. Commander Bill Dunlap, Adjutant Greg Rowley and I will communicate guidance of our goals for the Department to accomplish this year under Commander Bill’s leadership. I look forward to working for and with you this coming year. My major role and responsibility is Membership. I look forward.. Full story »
July 13, 2012 Virginia; Area Commanders Thank you. Rather than print the Membership Statistical Reoprt out to our Area Commanders I will e-mail for discussion on Sat 14 July, 2012. As it is too early to give a statistical report at the Department Executive Meeting (DEC) I will discuss the goals and how we will achieve them. I am expecting reports from the 4 Area Commanders: 1. That all District Commanders have their Membership Packets and that all the Post have received them by now. Why not and when will they have them? 2. The plan that a Membership event.. Full story »
August 1, 2012 Department Committee Thru: Department Commander Commander: Bill Dunlap Commander Dunlap; I was looking through the Committee Members List and noticed that the positions for Trophies & Awards, Education & Scholarships, and Contest Committee Chairmen have not been assigned. For our Districts and Post benefit it would be beneficial for us to have those positions assigned ASAP for our Contests to be announced. Awards that are going to be presented by Department should be locked in now for incentives for competition for all our Contest Department wide. For the good of the Legion: Recommendation that Awards be given.. Full story »
P.O. Box 970624 Orem, Utah 84097 PH: 801-224-6168 1 August 2012 Pledge of Allegiance Opening Prayer Preamble Opening Remarks / Welcome Introductions Eat / Socialize Brief History and Connection of Post 72 and 13 to Chapter Name Dean Mendenhall Entertainment Introduction of Guest Speaker Tribute to Korean War Veterans Awards Benediction Randy D. Edwards Vice-Commander / Membership Department of Utah Confirmation for Membership BBQ 24 Orem Post 72 1 Jim Arguello 2 Todd Brazen 1 Gretchen Divine 2 Jim Donnell 2 Randy & Linda Edwards 2 Ken Balser 2 Dave Gunn 2 Department Commander 2 Dave Rader 2 Doreen Jensen (Guest Speaker) 2 Stevensen 1 Mendenhall 1 Gary Swartz Full story »
P.O.Box 970624 Orem, Utah 84097 PH: 801-224-6168 1 August 2012 Superintendent Of Schools 380 West 940 North Provo, Utah 84604 801-374-4800 Independence High School 636 North Independence Avenue Provo, Utah 84601 801-374-4920 Provo High School Attention: Helen Patterson 1125 North University Avenue Provo, Utah 84604 801-372-6550 Timpview High School Attention: Collett Davis 3570 North 650 East Provo, Utah 84604 801-221-9720 Honorable Superintendent of Schools, Principals, and Counselors, The American Legion Provo Post 13, Dean Mendenhall Chapter of Provo will be conducting the 2012-2013 American Legion Oratorical Contest, October 15th, 2012. The Location will be at above address Independence High School.. Full story »
1 August 2012 Comrades; Come one..Come All..Invite a friend… ACTIVITY: Joint Social with Post 72 and Post 13. The Dean Mendenhall Family, Guest Speaker: Doreen Jensen: Navy Media Specialist covering Iran, Irac, Afghanistan and a great evening of Socializing, Entertainment and Joint History of Dean Mendenhall. Another year has past. Summer is winding down. School is beginning and The American Legion Spirit is higher than it has been in years. As in past tradition it’s time to, STEAK FRY…to SOCIALIZE…. REFLECT on the Post’s accomplishments …..and to renew our 2012-2013 MEMBERSHIPS. WHO: All Veterans, Legioneers Spouses, Post 72 and Post.. Full story »
AMERICAN LEGION Department of Utah August 4, 2012 Subject: Trip Ticket Report Reference: National Membership Workshop August 2-4 To: Department Adjutant, Board of Trustees, Membership August 2-4, 2012 The Department Commander and I attended the National Membership Workshop. (Attached is the Schedule) My purpose: Validate the importance of the National and Department expenses to this Workshop, Report our attendance, and to report the major information from our National Committees. Thursday, August 2, 2102 was the Vice-Commander’s Travel day flying from Salt Lake City to Indianapolis, ID where I linked up with the Department Commander and unpacked for the weekend events... Full story »
AMERICAN LEGION Department of Utah August 16, 2012 Subject: National and Department Target Dates Reference: Membership August 12, 2012 Report 4) -Area Commanders; Please pass this big Thank you on to your Districts. ( 9) - District Commanders Please Pass this on to your Posts. (99) Post Commanders Please pass this on to our Members. We are starting off great. However; This is where the rubber will hit the road. Our first indicator will be Aug 31 which will reflect September 12th Kickoff. For The Good of the Legion: ... Area Commanders Please work with your Districts and encourage them.. Full story »
AMERICAN LEGION DEAN MENDENHALL PROVO POST 13 August 18, 2012 Flag Retirement Volunteers Thank you for your Service and Support during The America’s Freedom Festival of Provo, Flag Retirement Ceremony. This year’s event was an emotional event - giving honor to a great Nation, recognizing and Tributing the accomplishments of local individuals and establishments. The Flag Retirement Ceremony gives our community the opportunity to learn the proper etiquette and the proper disposal of worn, tattered, and unserviceable Flags. Our main purpose is to honor our Flag during her National Birthday June 14th. The theme that rings most vividly is that”.. Full story »
ALCON; Area 4 Commander Sheets; Area 4 Best Wishes ......Have a great Area Conference Vacation over. I am back to work. Tuesday October 3rd I am officially Retired from my civilian job. From that day forward I am commit-ed to making every American Legion event I am asked to attend. Commander Sheets; I apologize that I Will not be able to attend Area 4 Conference due to my employer responsibility. I will be retiring this Tuesday. After this week-end I will be more available. Please accept my apology for not being able to attend your event as much as I.. Full story »
September 15th, 2012 Commanders Corner Quarterly Letter Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Son’s of the American Legion and Legion Riders – Thank you for your Membership, Leadership, Participation and Service to The American Legion. I cannot believe that 2 years will have past and how much we have accomplished together. I want to thank You for your trust and confidence you have given me as your Post Commander. We are asking again for your Membership for the coming year. Membership is measured from August to August. Your Paid Memberships are the resources that keep our Programs and Scholarships alive for the youth of.. Full story »
DO NOT TRY TO FIND REASONS TO NOT TRY – FIND REASONS TO TRY.” Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Son’s of the American Legion, and Legion Riders – Thank you for your Membership, Leadership, Participation, and Service to The American Legion.” DMS ---is Direct Mail Service When we don’t get from our Districts and Areas we should mention that our Membership is lower than expected – but appreciate what they have done. T – To Encourage E A M Department has Staff District does it all Has to get the Posts involved. a. Invite Posts to Department for Awards b. District Roll Call - Ask.. Full story »
Provo Post grew from 61 members to 118 due to revitalization On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 6:13 AM, Sparks, Sean C. wrote: Randy, This is a list, and examples of what will be sent to the volunteers. We do not send the letters out until a week before the event, but here is something for you to send to the volunteers. I would recommend that you start coordinating times and everything with Matt Herndon, Deputy Director of Membership, because these times are tentative to change. Matt’s email address is These are only examples of what we send.. Full story »
Membership 18 October 2012 ALCON; Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Son Of The American Legion, and Legion Riders 18 October 2012 To all the Legion Family Thank you for all you do... To make Utah one of the most outstanding Membership States in the nation is to achieve our National Membership Quota. To really stand out in the Membership drive is reach the Departments Goal Quota. Department Membership Goals are achievable. "To meet Our National Quota we only need 2,403 more members to achieve 100% Quota". We can do that in the next month if everyone pushes with everything they have.......Veteran's Day is.. Full story »
1 November 2012 Utah National Parks Council Boy Scouts of America 748 N 1340 W Orem, UT 84057 Attention: John N. Gailey Program Director Subject: The American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year Reference: National $10,000 Scholarship Mr. Gailey; The American Legion annually sponsors an “Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship”. This Contest is open to any Eagle Scout who meets the following eligibility requirements: · Be a registered active member of a duly chartered Boy Scout Troop or Varsity Scout Team and the Son or Grandson of a Legionnaire or Auxiliary member. · Have received the Eagle Scout Award. · Be an.. Full story »
Comrades; November 1, 2012 Thank you for your Membership to The American Legion, Dean Mendenhall, Provo Post #13. It is again that time that we re-new our memberships. The memberships have all been sent out and we anxiously wait their return. If you would like for us to come and pick it up we will……. just call and the Commander will personally will be there… 801-224-6168. We only need your membership to have 100% membership for our Post. Please send it in as soon as possible so we can concentrate on business rather than spend time gathering membership. Your free.. Full story »
7 November 2012 Mr Brian E. Smith Senior Services Supervisor Provo Parks and Recreation 270 West 500 North Provo, Utah 84601 Subject: Veterans Service Organizations Be Considered Grandfathered Exempt Fees Reference: Letter dated October 30, 2012 Mr. Smith: In response to your letter dated 30 October 2012 we-- The American Legion, a wartime Veteran’s Service Organization, having had a positive and supportive relationship with the City of Provo for 93 years, are responding to your decision to subject Veterans Service Organizations being assessed a rental fee for all such groups wishing to meet in the new facility. We are also.. Full story »
The American Legion Dean Mendenhall Chapter Provo Post 13 November 2012 Newsletter Comrades; The American Legion, National Commander, James E. Koutz’s Slogan for 2012-2013 is “Every Day is Veteran’ s Day.” Sunday, November 11th is the official Veteran’s Day and is celebrated nationally on Monday with Federal workers getting the Holiday off. The problem with this is the Veteran’s National Holiday offhas lost it’s meaning and the meaning has been depreciated. The Timpview High School, Freedom Festival of Provo and the Provo Veteran’s Council has joined again this year to emphasis the importance to our Veterans their Service to God.. Full story »
Commanders Corner News Letter December 2012 Comrades; THANK YOU VETERANS: November was a great month for honoring our Veterans from the National Tribute to our State Rotunda, Counties, Cities, Town Parades and local High Schools. All these activities, services and meals were centered on our Brothers and Sisters in Arms. We thank all of you who have served this great Nation and participated visiting these events. During all these Veterans events we still did our Utah County Membership Revitalization Program. We are still working those lists. Many of you have been called or we visited your home. We are asking.. Full story »
The American Legion Department of Utah December 18, 2012 Comrades in Arms; Every year at Christmas I think of the loneness of times when we served our country and we could not be with our Families. I think of the brave Men and Women now serving our great land and going through what we did in past conflicts. I contemplate the less fortunate than ourselves and have compassion because they were like everyone growing up in the lean times and Christmas meant that we couldn’t buy things we really needed. I didn’t have enough money to go home so on.. Full story »
AMERICAN LEGION Department of Utah December 22. 2012 Virginia; Thank you. I get so excited every Wed to see the Statistics Area, Districts and Posts Commanders: Thank you for what we have accomplished this year so far. The next few weeks now are going to be as we planned nil to nothing for membership. We are standing at 84% completed to accomplish our mission. My personal concerns are our Posts with no reports or under 50%. I am not going to get involved in your Areas and Districts but I would like a report of what you are doing to.. Full story »
AMERICAN LEGION Department of Utah October 23, 2012 To: Area, Districts, and Post Commanders Subject: Membership Reference: Quarterly News Letter Membership is our major Goal, Role and Responsibility for the life of The American Legion Programs. We are looking forward to December to report to the Executive Committee on our Department’s Membership. As you are each aware, membership is the Life and Blood of The American Legion. Department’s first responsibility is to you, our Veteran’s, and to our members at large. We The American Legion Family (Auxiliary, Son’s of The American Legion, (SAL) and Legion Riders) need your support to.. Full story »
The American Legion Dean Mendenhall Chapter Provo Post 13 27 December 2012 Comrades; I am writing in reference to our 2013 memberships that have not been paid. I know most of us do not understand the Membership time lines. I am hoping that my explanation will help our post be a 100% Membership Post early, to be completed faster for future and less frustration why you keep getting membership due letters. Explaining the Legion Time lines should help our purpose to see that you are covered on your $5,000 free Accidental Life Insurance coverage too. Membership Drives are from August.. Full story »
The American Legion Dean Mendenhall Post 13 P. O. Box 1002 Provo, Utah 84603 (801) 224-7477 December 30, 2012 Mr. Brian E. Smith Senior Services Supervisor Provo Parks & Recreation 270 West 500 North Provo, Utah 84601 Dear Mr. Smith: Thank you for responding to our request, and for meeting with us on December 4, 2012, but more importantly for being so willing to work with us on these issues. We as representatives of The American Legion and other Veteran’s Service Organizations (VSO) in Provo and the surrounding area wish to continue dialog concerning permanent meeting spaces for our entities.. Full story »
The American Legion Dean Mendenhall Chapter Provo Post 13 January 2013 Newsletter Comrades: December 5th Our Post Christmas Social was the best event to end the year. We had the largest attendance we have ever had. Thank you for your attendance. We hope that you had an enjoyable time. This News Letter is being sent to you early to Wish You a Merry Christmas and Hoping that you have the very Best New Year ever. This letter is a message of celebration that I believe Provo has never celebrated ever………………… CONGRATULATONS DEAN MENDENHALL PROVO POST #13.December 13th we made the.. Full story »
District 4 The American Legion Department of Utah Attention: Adjutant 350 North State Street State Capital Complex, Suite 80 Sal Lake City, Utah 84114 Attention: Oratorical Committee: The American Legion District #4 conducted their annual Oratorical Scholarship Contest January 9, 2013. The Oratorical’s were given on the Constitution of The United States and 4 Assigned Amendment Topics that were drawn from a hat. The District competition had 7 Contestants. 1st Place representing District #4 is: Adam Robertson Provo High School sponsored by Provo Post 13. 3 Judges evaluated the competitor’s scores. The Judges Scores were tabulated by a Final Tabulation.. Full story »
January 25, 2013 Bilco Safe and Lock Inc 960 South State Street Orem, Utah 84907 Staff; This letter is to thank you for you generosity for the support you gave Dean Mendenhall, Provo Post 13. We are a non-profit organization and over the years have dedicated hours and support to our communities. With that we have accumulated historical data that cannot be replaced dedicated to service and sacrifice to this community. Most importantly every dollar that we make goes back into this community. Not one cent is spent on administartaion services to administer our volunteer services to our community. Therefore.. Full story »
The American Legion Dean Mendenhall Chapter Provo Post 13 Committee Meeting: 29 Jan 2013 6:30 PM Status of Veterans Meeting location By Laws – Approve and sign - Amendments Election Judges Staggered Terms Past Commander Report on end of Term. Recommendations Ten Members to conduct business Article III: · 4 year terms – Staggered Positions Article IV: · NLT 1 Month · Written and sent by regular mail · Nomination of meeting of Officers Article V: · Appointment of Judges to distribute and collect Ballots · Secret Ballots Commander 1st Vice Commander 2nd Vice Commander Post Adjutant Finance Officer Post Historian Post Chaplin Sergeant At Arms.. Full story »
Department of Utah RE: NVC Jeanette Rae’s Visit Itinerary February 8th - 10th, 2013 8 February 2013 13:15 Hours Arrival: Delta 1336 1315 Hours Gregg Rowley: Pick up and escort her to Hotel Check-in Little America, SLC Boat Show ? Department Office @ Capital Building? 1800 - 1830 Hours Dinner: Meet at Post 71 Holladay 801-467-4711 or 466-0644 3419 S. West Temple, SLC Darrel Roberts, Post 71 CDR 801-913-4961 (NEC / Cdr / VCdr, Adj) (Reservations 1800 hrs) Completion of the evening VC CDR Edwards will Escort NVC to Hotel and Events for the week end. 9 February 2013 0930.. Full story »
Commanders Corner News Letter February 2013 Comrades: CONGRATULATONS DEAN MENDENHALL PROVO POST #13. December 13th we made the Department Commanders 100% Membership Club. As of January 29th we are at 107% 2013 is an exciting year. We have much to celebrate and more exciting events coming. Eldred Center Contract Sunsets: We are invited to use the Mayors City Council Meeting room. We are still negotiating a permanent location that meets the needs of the Organization and our members. It is the intent that events listed below be our events, activities and contact locations until March when we will hopefully have.. Full story »
Randy D. Edwards, Dean Mendenhall, Provo, Post 13 Vice-Commander / Membership Chairman 2012-2013 Comrades I am running for Department Commander 2013-2014. This past year has been one of the highlights of my life as your Vice-Commander of Membership. No other organization in my life fulfills me so totally as a person than serving our fellow Veteran’s and their Families. Having the privilege to serve as a member of The American Legion you have given my retirement real purpose in an opportunity to “Still Serve”. We have a legacy to be proud of and a legacy yet to fulfill. I have.. Full story »
Blood Drive The American Legion Annual Blood Drive February 18, 2013 Who: Public Invited all Community Drive What: American Legion Program to collect Blood When: February 18, 2013 “Presidents Day” Where: Aplebee’s Restaurant Orem Place: 290 West 1300 South, University Parkway Time: 3 – 8 PM Hosting: THE AMERICAN LEGION POST #13 Sponsoring the event: The American Legion District #4 Freedom Festival at Provo American Red Cross, Lewis And Clark Region Provo Veterans Council United Way of Utah Legion Riders Patriot Riders National Eagle Scouts of America Full story »
The Salt Lake Veterans Home was renamed after National Executive Committeeman William E. Christoffersen, a man who has given 50-plus years of service to the Legion and Utah's veterans. (Photo by Stephen Holt) Longtime American Legion Department of Utah National Executive Committeeman William Christoffersen was the guest of honor March 15 at a ceremony at the Salt Lake City Veterans Home. But thanks to some nice stealth work by friends and family, Christoffersen didn’t know he was the one being celebrated until the party began. The state’s first veterans home – adjacent to the George E. Wahlen Veterans Affairs Medical.. Full story »
Post Excellence Award To qualify for the Post Excellence Award, a post is required to achieve excellence in four areas: membership, youth activities, community service and support to currently serving troops or veterans. The purposes of this award are membership growth, exposure of American Legion values to the youth of the community, and increased visibility of the American Legion Family through service projects. A post achieving this qualification will have had numerous post members involved in planning and achieving these goals. Many posts are most likely already active in these areas and will qualify without extra effort. Others, however, will.. Full story »
Commanders Corner April 1, 2013 · March 19th, 2013 was a historical day and the passing of another era. As you all know we lost our contract with the City of Provo in October of 2012. We received a letter Sun-setting our contract with the city that has lasted since many of us were born. We tried very hard to work out a contract that would extend our 89 years left on our old contract with the Parks and Recreation Department. As the Veterans voice through this process I could not accept the offer to use a facility that had to.. Full story »
The American Legion Dean Mendenhall Provo Post 13 The American Legion RE: Resolution: Tax Deductible Car Miles – IRS Standard Mileage Rates: 24 April 2013 If you are using your car for qualified business, medical, or charitable purposes, you can deduct your vehicle expenses. For a vehicle you own or lease, you can deduct either the Actual Expenses or the Standard rate per mile driven. If the car is leased and you use the standards mileage rates, you must use the standard rates for the entire life of the lease. The standard tax deductible rates for 2013 are listed and.. Full story »
Past at District Convention May 4, 2013 May 4, 2013 Statue of Responsibility Freedom must first be declared, then won, and finally preserved. Once declared, and won, the act of preserving freedom becomes the duty of each citizen who wishes to see our very freedom endure from generation to generation. Responsibility lives in the very act of preserving freedom. A “Statue of Responsibility” will be a book end for America on the west coast which will complement the “Statue of Liberty” on the east coast. Whereas: A noble idea was proposed in the 1960’s by a man who lived through.. Full story »
The American Legion Department of Utah District 4 Convention Provo, Utah May 4, 2013 Agenda Host Post 13 Welcome and give announcements of rooms and rest rooms introduce District Commander. Welcome: District Commander Flag Ceremony (Do you want Colors Posted?) Pledge of Allegiance: Prayer: POW/MIA Ceremony (Table for one?) Introduction of Guests Dinner Introduction of Paula Stevens and Chuck Stevens District #2 for Department Convention information When Adjourning to meetings use the terminology of Legion Members and Auxiliaries. (Women are Legionnaires too) Adjourn to meetings American Legion District 4 Convention: Protocol: Introduction of Department Officers District Commander Remarks Delegates/Roll Call:.. Full story »
The American Legion, Department of Utah, Vice-Commanders Report For 2012-2013 This has been an amazing year. The final membership numbers are not in so we cannot report that are a 100% Quota Department.(We exceeded with 103% Membership) We had envisioned an early Membership drive and we did. The momentum has lasted and has continued and will continue right to the day of the State Convention. We can report that we hit every national quota target date that was required. We did the Membership Revitalization program in the South in September and one in The North in January. To be successful.. Full story »
The American Legion Dean Mendenhall Chapter Provo Post 13 Consolidated Post Report 2012 -2013 · Post Excellence Award 2013 · 100% Membership Department Commanders Club Certificate · Moved – Relocated Meeting Facility to Old Historic Court House for Provo Post 13 · Established Utah County Veterans Program for all Utah County Veterans Organizations to meet. · Hosted Open House for County and gave Commissioner Awards and Provo Public Works Awards. Did a Historical Documentary for channel 4, 830 am 30 minute program. (DVD) · Hosted Southern Re-vitalization Program. Went from 61 Members to 118 Members from Sep – Dec 2012 · Held Oratorical Scholarship Contest. Post, District.. Full story »
AMERICAN LEGION Department of Utah Friends of The American Legion It is an honor to represent The American Legion as the Department Commander of Utah this year. I come to represent the State of Utah at a time where our Past Commander Bill Dunlap leaves with the distinct honor of” Department Commander Excellence Award” as Department Commander”. 103% Membership receiving “The 100% Department Membership Award” Which gave us the “Most Improved Department in Category IV. For the Nation. And we received the Distinguished Award of “The 100% Target Date Award.” The Utah Department was the envy of our National Organization.. Full story »
Thank you for your attendance to our first Department Executive Meeting. Welcome to our old and our new Committee Chairs that were ratified at Department. Thank you for acceptance to the positions that have been asked to Board or Chair the Department Committees. In every organization we are given in the beginning what our goals, themes, and values should be. The American Legion does that Nationally for us through the 4 Pillars and the various Legion programs we can select to choose from to provide those programs or services. How ever it does not tell us how to accomplish those.. Full story »
The National Commanders project for this year is the National Emergency Fund (NEF). Comrades; Area Commanders, District Commanders, Post Commanders Commander Dellinger's focus has been Emergency Relief since Sandy Hurricane Disaster, Mid West Tornadoes, and the Colorado Floods. He would like to raise a million dollars during his term as National Commander for the national relief efforts already under way and ongoing events as well for future disasters. He is asking for donations of .50 cents per member as his goal. As the Department Commander of Utah I am asking that we as a Department support Commander Dillenger's National Goal... Full story »
Membership 16 Aug 2012 4) -Area Commanders; Please pass this big Thank you on to your Districts. ( 9) - District Commanders Please Pass this on to your Posts. (99) Post Commanders Please pass this on to our Members. We are starting off great. However; This is where the rubber will hit the road. Our first indicator will be Aug 31 which will reflect September 12th Kickoff. For The Good of the Legion: ... Area Commanders Please work with your Districts and encourage them to meet the quota dates we have selected for Department. My feelings are that after Veteran's.. Full story »
September 4, 2013 Comrades Provo Post 13 Summer is over. Department and National Conventions are over and the 2013 –2014 year begins. Our first regular meeting will begin September 11,2013, at 7 PM, 51 South University Ave., Old Historic Courthouse. Ball Room. Handicap Entrance is on the south end of the entrance and there are two elevators to the Ballroom. We will be having our Boys and Girls Stators giving their Reports. They will be receiving another $50.00 Scholarship check for their attendance. Gordon Ewell will be our Guest Speaker. Gordon is Author of “Dung in My Foxhole.” Gordon has.. Full story »
7 October: 10 AM Provo Home Depot , 1400 South University Ave. University Exit., Provo, Utah American Legion coordinated Post effort doing the Pledge of Allegiance, MIA/POW Rifle Salute 8 October: Fallen Warrior Landscaping Project: The American Legion, Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion, and Legion Riders 8 AM till completed, Fort Douglas Museum. Please join us and RSVP the Commander 801-224-6168 to make lnsure we have enough bodies committed to do the work. 9 October: Dean Mendenhall Tribute Post 13: 7 PM, 51 South University Ave, Provo, Utah Post pot luck. RSVP 801-224-7477 for set up and main course.. Full story »
Area and District Commanders; November 20, 2012 Area and District Commanders December 9th we will be having our Department Executive Council Meeting (DEC). Our first goal was to have 100% by December 31st. We are only one month away from that goal. Only 9 or 10 posts have more than 115 - 25 members to reach their goals. The Rest of the Post only lack 1-25 members of reaching their goals. District Commanders you are the gears in this Organization to motivate them to succeed. Only Post Commanders and Adjutants can request or go online and get your Direct Mailing.. Full story »
The Veterans of Military Affairs were donated Historical Books that were given to the United States Veterans for their part in the Korean Conflict. The Historical adventure was a collaboration with The United States and Korea. The books, a Coin and an invitation application to Fly to Washington DC to visit their Memorials, sponsored by Utah Honor Flight, were wrapped by Linda M. Edwards of the Provo Post 13 American Legion Auxiliary and were then delivered to their homes personally by her and Americanism Chairman Randy D. Edwards. The timely Christmas delivery was accepted with humility, gratitude and honor to.. Full story »
February 6, 2014 Comrades; This is the information that Commander Heindel and I have communicated in preparation for the Oratorical Scholastic Contest. We have below the names for Certificates and Participants. If missing Districts or error of correct District contestants contact me immediately We are going off of contestants names and information collected: District 1: Amy Lara District 2: Brigitte Hugh District 3: Morgan Euwing District 4: Barron Tiffany District 5: Parker Christiansen District 6: Micheal Johnson District 7: No Participants District 8: Sarah Cassel District 9: No Participants O Total Scores have not been submitted for all contestants to.. Full story »
February 16, 2014 District Commander Shiela Heindel Dean Mendenhall, Provo Post 13, The American Legion is requesting for the Excellence Post Award. Post 13 has achieved all requirement for the year 2013-2014 as follows Excellence Award To qualify for the Post Excellence Award, a post is required to achieve excellence in four areas: membership, youth activities, community service and support to currently serving troops or veterans. The purposes of this award are membership growth, exposure of American Legion values to the youth of the community, and increased visibility of the American Legion Family through service projects. A post achieving this.. Full story »
During District 4 Spring Conference Randy D. Edwards and John Hartvigsen, Colonial Flag asked for a resolution on an Inclusive Service Star Banner and Flags. Motion was made and seconded and voted on unanimously. March 12, 2014 Inclusive Service Star Banners & Flags Resolution to American Legion Whereas: The first Blue Star Service Flag originated during World War I as a symbol for families to place in their window to acknowledge the military service of family members. Whereas: The concept of the first Blue Star Service Flags expanded to allow organizations to acknowledge the military service of their members. Whereas:.. Full story »
The American Legion DEAN MENDENHALL CHAPTER PROVO POST 13 P.O. BOX 1002, Provo, Utah 84603 Date: March 4, 2014 Reference: The American Legion, Dean Mendenhall, Provo Post 13 Yearly Consolidated Report TO: Provo City Mayors Office and Council Thank you for the opportunity to address the Mayors Office and Council. Our Almost 100 year Centennial Celebration in 2019 serving Provo has been connected to the Mayors office and will be recognized we hope for years to come. It is our duty to remind our citizens of the Traditions and History we have provided and will continue to provide. Your confidence.. Full story »
April 3, 2014 To: Timpview High School: Colleen Davis, Counselor Office Provo High School: Andrea Betts, Counselor Office Independence High School: Randahl Olsen, Counselor Office Counselors: This Letter is to confirm that Dean Mendenhall, Provo Post #13 has held all the requirements for the Selection of the 2014 Boys State interviews for Timpview High School. Through the selection process all applicants recommended were interviewed. It is the decision of the Selection Committee that the following Students be recognized for the accomplishments they have completed and be selected for attendance to The American Legion Boys’ State, Class of 2014. Whereas: Congratulations.. Full story »
This is a reminder of the 1st official Utah County Veterans Service Organization Meeting Thursday May 22, 2014 11 AM 51 South University Ave., Provo, Utah Room 319 Please invite anyone that has community, county and state connections. This is an effort to coordinate a strong, vibrant Utah County Veterans "Service" coalition for Utah County. This will be built under the auspice of Dr. Steve Allen in SLC. Our desire is to tie Ogden, and ST George Veterans councils into one state information gathering and Coordination corps. . Agenda; Pledge of Allegiance Chairman's Remarks Introductions New Business: Signing Ceremony -.. Full story »
Community Service and History Volksmarching (from German Volksmarsch meaning "people's march") is a form of non-competitive fitness walking that developed in Europe. Participants typically walk 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) on an outdoor path. Volksmarching associations offer incentive awards (usually pins and patches) for collecting a certain number of events. Volksmarching participants enjoy recording distances and event participation in international record books. Less frequently used terms are Volkswanderung and Volkswalk. Randy D. Edwards (CSM) (R) was stationed in Germany 1n 1992 during a deployment with Desert Storm. When he had the opportunity to get away on Sundays he would walk in.. Full story »
Suicide is preventable. It takes a community to come together to coordinate purpose and meaning for the betterment of our Veterans. Suicide has to be recognized by the public before it effects our personal lives from a Veteran suffering from war trauma, community tragedies, personal losses, depression and hopelessness. This is an article that will help identify our Service Members coming home and support our families suffering from what seems unbearable situations. 10 Things Your Combat Vet Wants You to Know by Regina Bahten, DO, VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System (VASNHS) From, 7/21/12 I’m a psychiatrist. Every day I.. Full story »
"Honoring Our Utah Blue Star and Gold Star Families" Come join one of the most memorable events leading up to the grand finale of "The Stadium Of Fire". "The Freedom Festival Flag Retirement Ceremony". June 14th, 2014. 8PM Macy's Food & Drug Store Parking Lot, 1230 North and State Street, Provo, Utah June 14th, Flag Day, traditionally is our major Flag Presentation and Retirement Event. Come honor our Utah Blue Star Families that serve and be graced with our Utah Gold Star Families that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the privileges and freedoms we daily enjoy. They will be.. Full story »
ALCON: Reminder for Utah County Veterans Service Organizations Hosted by Dean Menden Hall Provo Post 13 Utah County Veterans Service Organizations Meeting 11 AM Room 319 Utah County Historical Courthouse 51 South University Ave, Provo, Utah 84601 I apologize for the last minute agenda. After this week I will be solely engaged in Utah County affairs as explained at this meeting. I am requesting that if you know of others that should be at these meeting to please invite them to get them involved in Utah County affairs. Agenda items: 1) Introductions: 2) Utah State Department of Veterans Affairs (See.. Full story »
FROM THE DESK OF Randy D. Edwards Department Commander 2013-2014 The American Legion Department of Utah Committees Reports Thank you for a great year. As your Commander I feel it an obligation to report our 2013-2014 activities. Each of our Committee Chairs will have the opportunity to write the Department Committee Reports and report the active role we each play in Utah. We should always demand leadership accountability from our Department to represent us in a manner that you elected them. Personal success is not something that is consistent, because personal success is different for everyone. When we work our.. Full story »
As Record Provo Post 13 would like to recognize our Vietnam Veterans and Era Service Members as of June 27, 2014 American Legion Viet Nam Veterans Provo Post 13 Name of Veteran Last paid Address City State Zip Code Arguello, James L. 7/23/13 912 E 140 N Lindon UT 84042 Berg, Carl 12/10/13 P.O.Box 1468 Provo UT 84603 Brinkerhoff, John D. 10/17/13 1156 E 460 S provo Ut 84606 Brown, Wayne F. PUFL 1174 OakmontP LrNovo UT 84604 Chouinard, Roger L. Online9/13 1054 E 1270 SProvo UT 84606 Christine, Mike 586 N 2430 WProvo UT 84601 Crosby, George E. 375.. Full story »
DEPARTMENT OF UTAH COMMANDER Randy D. Edwards Welcome to the 95th Annual Department of Utah Convention. We are looking forward to seeing the entire family together in Provo and participating in a celebration of a year of accomplishments through the efforts of so many. The programs, events and projects were an aggressive schedule. In review I don’t think that I have ever done anything more important in my life with so many wonderful people to achieve the reputation and respect that The American Legion has locally and Nationally. We’re conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments. But.. Full story »
August Post 13 Meeting Opening · Pledge of Allegiance · Prayer · Mia / POW Chair Chaplain and SAL We are greatly saddened by an icon passing of Post 13 Troy Mott. Troy spent years in our Posts Baseball Program and was a Past Commander of Post 13. If you visit our office in Room 311 you will see many trophies, plaques, and baseball certificates. Those are the effort of Troy Mott. Troy will always be remembered in our Post Everlasting Family. Doris his wife has been our auxiliary president longer than any Officer of our post and we send our love and.. Full story »
September 13, 2014 Department Commanders Report Please excuse me for this Area Conference as my wife had hip replacement. As usual things do not go as planned and we will be moving her Saturday to a care facility. Scheduling for her to the new facility became an issue so I will need to be here for that transfer to happen. Department Commanders Motto for the Year is “Pride in Ownership.” I know that you understand this as it is your passion taking care of your Posts, Districts and Areas. I am Honored to represent The American Legion this year for.. Full story »