July 13, 2012

Virginia; Area Commanders

Thank you. Rather than print the Membership Statistical Reoprt out to our Area Commanders I will e-mail for discussion on Sat 14 July, 2012.

As it is too early to give a statistical report at the Department Executive Meeting (DEC) I will discuss the goals and how we will achieve them.

I am expecting reports from the 4 Area Commanders: 1. That all District Commanders have their Membership Packets and that all the Post have received them by now. Why not and when will they have them? 2. The plan that a Membership event take place at each Post. A Deadline that each post will make that happen. Hopefully completed by end of 31 August 2012.

PS: If an Area Commander cannot make the DEC when can we have a Telephonic communication on the status of Membership?

Thank all of you for all you for stepping up to preserve The American Legion Honor and Traditions. Our goal is to meet and exceed the Membership requests of the Commanders at Department and National. Our best goal is to do it fast, swift and get it out of the way for the year. Once completed we can recruit where we exceed our Department requirement. As we all know the Membership and our Auxiliary are the Life Blood of our Organization. Again THANK YOU for your support to make this a successful year. I am in gratitude for your service.

For God and Country

Randy D. Edwards
Department of Utah Vice-Commander
Membership Chair

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