Department of Utah
18 June 2012
To: Area, Districts, and Post Commanders
Subject: Membership
Reference: Vice Commander’s Membership Goals
Thank you for the wonderful weekend in Fillmore, Utah. Thank you for the vote of
confidence in me in electing me to serve as your Vice Commander for The Department of
Commander Bill Dunlap, Adjutant Greg Rowley and I will communicate guidance of our
goals for the Department to accomplish this year under Commander Bill’s leadership.
I look forward to working for and with you this coming year. My major role and
responsibility is Membership. I look forward to December to report to the Executive
Committee and membership on our membership statistics. As you are each aware,
membership is the Life Blood of The American Legion.
My first responsibility is to you and to our members at large. I need your support to
accomplish the Department’s goals through membership to provide for the financial
needs to run our business. Membership is a portion of the reason we have the programs
for our Americanism programs. Or to run everyday activities and provide the opportunity
for the Department Commander, the Executive Officers, and National to give them power
to talk with our local, State and National leaders.
I want you to know how much the American Legion appreciates your membership, each
and every one of you. I also know time is a valuable commodity. If you cannot serve in a
leadership capacity in your local community, thank you for your membership. When
time calls, and you can serve, I’m sure you will give it all you have. Through your vote
this past week end my time is now yours.
After 40 years carrying mail and 37of years military service, this year is my time to serve
you after the many years you carried me by keeping the American Legion strong. My
time will be used gathering Membership through you. Together we can provide Utah
with the membership numbers our Commander and National leaders need in order to
succeed. We can be a national example by getting those membership statistics early.
To start my membership mission: (1) Thank every Legion member for being a member;
(2) Let each member know we are there for them as a Family of Veteran; (3) Let our
members know we know they have a life to live and that family and work issues have to
be resolved before they commit to any office in our Legion family; (4) Let them know
how important it is that they stay active in their Post and how important they are to us so
that we can keep them informed of their benefits that they have earned; (5) Let them
know that their membership is worth a lifetime of honor they have earned through service
before God & Country, that they are honored, and their rights will be preserved though
their membership.
We will also strive to let them know that they are protected with an accidental life
insurance of $5,000 if in the event of accidental death in service of that membership.
I am honored to serve as your Vice Commander and be part of The American Legion
Family. Thank you for your Service. Please… each Post work toward reaching your
membership goal by Aug 31st so we can concentrate on real American Legion Business
and recruit the rest of the year to exceed our goals as never before and send to National a
message that Utah is leading the membership goals for America.

Randy D. Edwards
Department Vice-Commander
The American Legion Department of Utah

Department of Utah

June 25, 2012

Area Commanders

For the Agenda July DEC Meeting: Goals for the DEC Meeting as the Vice Commander over Membership:

(1) We would like for Area Commanders to Report by Exception. (Those that have not been given their membership packets and why?)

(2) We would like to see the plans the Area Commanders are preparing to complete Membership drive early for 2012-2013.( Example: Post 13 is having Steak BBQ/ Membership Drive and per Department Commander advice EVENT: Guest Speaker from Retired Navy Media Correspondent covering Kuwait, Iran, Afghanistan on August 15th, 730 PM Provo Eldred Center)

(3) Our primary goal to have a feeling that we are all talking to the District Commanders now. That the District Commanders know what is going on in their Posts. (Get the feeling that the Communication is going down early in our responsibility to the Posts from the Department)

(4) Thank you for all you do on behalf of The American Legion and the Department of Utah.

(5) POC: (801-224-7477) Home or 801-226-6168 (Cell).

For God and Country

Randy D. Edwards
Department of Utah
Vice Commander

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