Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Son’s of the American Legion, and Legion Riders – Thank you for your Membership, Leadership, Participation, and Service to The American Legion.”

DMS ---is Direct Mail Service

When we don’t get from our Districts and Areas we should mention that our Membership is lower than expected – but appreciate what they have done.

T – To Encourage

Department has Staff
District does it all Has to get the Posts involved.
a. Invite Posts to Department for Awards
b. District Roll Call - Ask why Posts are not there?
c. Membership Meetings- Plan yearly Open Houses
d. Give Posts Quotas - Ask why Posts are not meting Quotas. Use $ for $ Membership Pool.

Cable Network. See if your Community has Cable Network for advertising.

“ It is not What we know -- It is what we forget” Years of Experience.”

Yearly Activities:

a. Yearly Schedule
b. What do we do?
c. Carry Brochures and Membership Registrations
d. Spaghetti Dinners/Feasts
e. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Spaghetti Feasts
f. Oratorical, Boy State and Girl State, Baseball, Legion Day….
g. Heroes To Home Town- Dinner- speakers- Volunteers
h. American Legion – Property- Benefactors- Welcome Veterans Home, Support, mentor, Dear hunt, Fishing, Turkey hunting.
i. Service Officer: Visit Nursing Homes assisted Living Homes, Talk to Activity Director for activities…
j. Auxiliary: SAL American Legion Family Support. We are Legion Family.

If we could just get 1 Member what a difference that would make.

DISSCUSSION: Membership Documentation is Post requirement. IRS can require proof of service. If you cannot support documentation of proof they will down grade your Post to Social Activity and charge taxes. (DD-214, or welcome any verification of proof when being transferred. SF-180 on file will suffice)

a. Colorado Tri fold brochure
b. New York Membership Business Card, Application on backside of card.
c. American Legion Poster
d. Colleges / Universities Community Centers for Veterans
e. Public awareness

W. Michael Bowen: 3253 Demont Road, Senkca Falls, New York 13148
Fax: 315-568-1389
Cell: 315-345-3634

Saturday Aug 3, 2012
Commander (Elect)

Membership- “Work, Work Hard, and have Fun”

Review, Retain, Recruit

20% Women Veterans

License Plates: All Veterans, Army Navy, Air Force, Marines, Purple Hearts,
Check Green Bay sheet?
Brochures – Rest Stops
Day Care – Christmas Card for Veteran’s
DMS- $1 per member
Advertise Bill Boards
Sears - November
Boy State and Girls State Application
On Line

Lucky 13 – Must get 3 from holding Post
1 for 1 5 each War

“Every Day’s Veteran’s Day” and OCW “Operations Comfort Warrior” every $ collected will go to Veterans fighting the war.

We are going to go up, Move Forward every Post 5 new Cards.

Continue with 2001- 2002 Membership slogan “Operation Just Ask”
Advice is --- Just Ask, Call Write, Visit Veterans

3x5 Card write names as you meet someone and follow up. Call, Write, Visit

Legion Riders: Putting faces to Scholarships this year..Invite to Conventions, hear stories, from Utah….

Korean Veterans Affairs:

“Year of the Year of Korean Veteran’s.” By 2033 all will be expired.”

“27 July 2013” 60th Anniversary
a. 21 Nations contributed Combat Forces
b. 5 Nations gave Hospital Medical Services.
c. Worthy of Remembrance
· 7,993 POW’s and MIA’s Still Missing
· Bill Clinton gave tribute by saying “ When the Guns fell, No one knew what we had done.”

Our Mission today is to Remember, To Honor, and to Educate the significance of this war.

The Year of the Year of Korean Veterans. Is to Officially Recognize the Korean War” It’s Veterans and present to them “Certificates of Appreciation”

House Resolution 168 be a non Partisan resolution to Honor Korean Veterans.

“America must never forget” 2012-2013 is Service date to honor them during Memorial Day. Veterans Day…


Added Information: Feb 18, 2013

Rally Membership Drive
· Open House
· Early Bird Drive – September – October
· Blood Mobile
a. In Conjunction: Swat Team
b. CID
c. Fire Department
d. County Disaster
e. Teacher of The Year
f. Officer of The Year
g. Scout of The Year
· Car Shows
· Employment Fairs
· Karaoke Night / Family Karaoke Night
· Air Rifles
· Invite Blue Star Families to talk to Members – Use them to talk to activated members
· American Legion Eagle Scout
· American Legion Oratorical Scholarship Contest
· American Legion ROTC /. JROTC Scholarship Awards / Military Excellence Awards
· Blood Drives.


Educate / History 1st Chartered Organization From congress

Don’t Say We Are Dying…….

Prepare Programs: American Legion cover Page 1
Contacts / sponsors Page 2
Agenda of Events
Membership Applications/ SAL/ AUX/ Legion Riders

ARM (Always Remember Membership)

7078 - 2012 – 2013 Membership Quotas

We are more than an The American Legion…We are a Voice
Of All organizations we are placed in the 12th to 13th Position of Congressional influence.

Memberships interlocking fires: Area, District and Posts (Add Aux, SAL and Legion Riders)

Every 2 weeks – Follow up
Communications is the “Fix it” Ask where you are where are you, How can I help You?
After March Legion Birthday is too late.
“Always be Positive”
E-mail is good but never as good as Talking. Call them personally.

Commander Program “Randahl’s Raiders.” ,“Pride in Ownership”

Department goal for Commander Koutch—for 2013 = 7078

View more history for Post 13 in Provo, Utah