Membership 18 October 2012

ALCON; Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Son Of The American Legion, and Legion Riders 18 October 2012

To all the Legion Family Thank you for all you do... To make Utah one of the most outstanding Membership States in the nation is to achieve our National Membership Quota.

To really stand out in the Membership drive is reach the Departments Goal Quota.
Department Membership Goals are achievable. "To meet Our National Quota we only need 2,403 more members to achieve 100% Quota". We can do that in the next month if everyone pushes with everything they have.......Veteran's Day is a major recruiting focal point in Membership.

Department goal is only 2944 more Memberships. We have 160,000 Utah Veterans to draw from...We can do this together

Remember to: Just Ask..Have an application available on the spot..Send in your Membership immediately Don't wait.

Have a great Area Conference everyone... We will be there to help and support you every way we can. We have the Auxiliary that have volunteered to help us with the Re-Vitalization Drive Nov 7-9 November. We could use more help. Thank you for all you do for our Veteran's and our Communities....

Membership is the Blood and Life of The American Legion. We are the largest Veterans Organization in the World. We Represent over 2.5 Million Veterans. We are Honored to have served and to continue serving our Veterans.

We can make our Goal... with your support. If each of you that have re-newed alone just signed one member from now to Veterans day we would make our National goal. Thank you again...

For God and Country'

Randy D. Edwards
Department Of Utah
Vice-Commander / Membership Chairman

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