Comrades; November 1, 2012

Thank you for your Membership to The American Legion, Dean Mendenhall, Provo Post #13. It is again that time that we re-new our memberships. The memberships have all been sent out and we anxiously wait their return. If you would like for us to come and pick it up we will……. just call and the Commander will personally will be there… 801-224-6168. We only need your membership to have 100% membership for our Post. Please send it in as soon as possible so we can concentrate on business rather than spend time gathering membership. Your free insurance coverage is not covered if your membership is not current.

Utah collectively is the worst state getting free insurance forms returned. Enclosed I have added an American Legion Trust form. Fill it out… Send it in…with your current paid membership you are automatically insured for $5,000.00 accidental death. Always wear your Legion pin or baseball hat and your covered from accidental death. We are always doing Legion business helping each other.

This year is the Year of The Korean Veteran. It is important that we recognize the most significant Conflict ever fought and known to History as “Silent War.” This conflict gave more than any war in History and one that still has never been officially declared over. Your generation gave us the use of helicopters in evacuation of injured Soldiers, Mash units, the largest loss of life and POW’s and MIA’s ever recorded in the history of war. Still the most significant the most MIA’s still unaccounted for in history. Your Service during the Korean War is recognized by those of us, The American Legion, Provo Post #13 and we Thank you for this Legacy in History. I personally am Honored and Privileged to walk in your midst and considered your Brother in Arms. If you have not received your Certificates signed by the Secretary of Defense for your service please let the Commander know and he will order yours. We have awarded or sent out 37 Certificates. I hope you have yours.

Enclosed is the Monthly News letter. Have a great Veteran’s Day . Hope to see you at Timpview Nov 9th, 2012 for program and free lunch.

Please send in your Memberships for 2013

For God and Family

Randy D. Edwards
American Legion Post 13, Commander
Vice-Commander / Membership Chairman
Department of Utah

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