Commanders Project 2013-2014: Dean Mendenhall, Provo Post 13 (member)Randy D. Edwards Department Commander for The Department of Utah, The American Legion 2013-2014 asked the Department to provide a project during the year. More than 50 Legion members and friends came together from all over Utah to provide the Landscaping services for the Fort Douglas "Fallen Warrior Memorial" Department Commanders Service Project. The landscaping material and plants were donated by Home Depot. Standing by the dedicated Memorial is Commander Randy D. Edwards and his wife Linda M. (Cluff) Edwards. The Memorial is a piece of slurry that was along the harbor during the 911 attack on the World Trade Center. Had it not been for this tremendous structured wall, the Trade Center would have been flooded as well and recovery would have taken much longer and with much more devastation. (Dedicated October 2014)Maintained by the Gold Star Families and Friends of Fort Douglas museum, Sslt Lake City, Utah.



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