August 1, 2012

Department Committee
Thru: Department Commander
Commander: Bill Dunlap

Commander Dunlap;

I was looking through the Committee Members List and noticed that the positions for Trophies & Awards, Education & Scholarships, and Contest Committee Chairmen have not been assigned.

For our Districts and Post benefit it would be beneficial for us to have those positions assigned ASAP for our Contests to be announced. Awards that are going to be presented by Department should be locked in now for incentives for competition for all our Contest Department wide.

For the good of the Legion: Recommendation that Awards be given at State Convention.
Recommendation that a Special Meeting be set for Educational, Scholarships, Contests, and Trophies and Awards committees be organized ASAP, prior to School session for advertising purposes.

Recommendation that the Finance Committee, and all the Contests, Scholarships, and Special Awards Committees meet for a “Requisition Meeting” or a deadline by e-mail of the awards, grants, and prize monies needed for the calendar year.

Recommendation: that we meet with the Adjutant and finance Committee of how the awards will be paid for or raised for the year.

For the Agenda Next DEC Meeting: Propose approval of recommendations from committees. I am willing to conduct that coordination meeting prior to the Department Executive Committee Meeting.

Attached is a recommendation from Oratorical Chairman of what he proposed to Department. The Finance Committee would need to approve the recommendations for our budget and I believe that the membership needs to approve it?. If the Finance Committee could approve the recommendations in the budget we could just announce the Awards, Trophies, and Scholarships during the next Department Executive Committee Meeting. What is the protocol?

My intent is to know what we need, have the money available, and request Sponsors to assure us that the money is there or find sponsors or methods to prepare requesting sponsors to have the money prior to the presentation of Awards in June. We have 8 Months to complete raising the money prior to presentations at next years Department Convention.

Thank you for your support.

POC: (801-224-7477) Home or 801-226-6168 (Cell).

For God and Country

Randy D. Edwards
Department of Utah
Vice Commander

Attachment: Oratorical Request for Awards Scholarships.

Judge Advocate

1 August 2012

Department Officers:

After the Department Executive Meeting July 14th, 2012 I met with some of the Committee Members and discussed finances of their Contests, Programs, Grants, and Scholarships.

This is what they requested on spur of moment discussions. A meeting and a budget should be set up ASAP to fund the Department Contests and Scholarships. A meeting with the Commander and each of the Committees need to discuss a budget for each event and how it will be funded.

A sample letter of Sponsorship was given to Oratorical and Finance Committees from the Vice Commander as a recommendation to present to the Department Commander to support asking Utah’s largest Corporations for an opportunity to invest in our Americanism Youth Programs.

Attachment # 1: Request of Scholarship Awards for The American Legion, Department of Utah, Oratorical Contest: $1500.00

1st Place: $1,000.00
2nd Place: $300.00
3rd Place: $200.00

American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year: ($100.00 Thru Resolution #18 1984?)

Police / Fire Officer of the Year: $300.00

Membership: Plaques, Catalog items, Cash incentives for Posts, and Department individual Membership Awards. $2,000.00.

For God and Country,

Randy D. Edwards
Department of Utah

National Awards: Oratorical Scholarship
· $18,000
· $16,000
· $14,000

American Legion Eagle Scout
· $8,000
· $2,000
· $2,000

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