Provo Post grew from 61 members to 118 due to revitalization

On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 6:13 AM, Sparks, Sean C. wrote:

This is a list, and examples of what will be sent to the volunteers. We do not send the letters out until a week before the event, but here is something for you to send to the volunteers. I would recommend that you start coordinating times and everything with Matt Herndon, Deputy Director of Membership, because these times are tentative to change. Matt’s email address is These are only examples of what we send prior to our visits
If you have any questions for me at anytime, feel free to contact me, because I hope to make the next revitalization trip. Matt’s number is 317-630-1406.
Sean Sparks, Assistant Director
· Need cities and counties so that we can identify zip codes and extract prospect lists to download from the national database. These lists are the expired members, HQ Post and DMS Admin Post.
· Identify media (Newspaper – daily AND weekly; TV and Radio—morning personality shows – interviews??)
· Identify place (home base) for meeting all 3 days (10 am to 5 pm are good hours), to include evening hours on one of the days in order to accommodate day workers (7 pm or 8 pm). Ideally it will be at a Legion Post Home, but if not, check with Chamber of Commerce for free meeting space possibilities…Library, Senior Center, Town Hall, Community Center, etc.)
· Identify a point of contact, to identify in the letter, the press release and packets we will hand out at the event. Once you’ve identified this person, need about 90 labels run to peel and stick on our leave-behind brochures. Labels need to have the name and contact information listed. If we’re working for several different posts, they need to provide their individual contact information on labels. These brochures are to give to prospects during door knocking and when someone comes in to meet with us.

· Need a service officer (department/county/state) definitely during one of the days we’ll be working in each community, ideally from 5 – 8 pm; would be great if he/she could attend all two or three days if possible. This info will go to everyone…letters, press release, etc. This is solidifying out outreach to all veterans in the community.
· Street maps of the areas we are working…not glossy if possible, to plot names of expired and HQ/DMS Admin Post members.
· People!!!!! We need volunteers that represent the posts we are working. Most will be making phone calls transferring HQ/DMS members over the phone. This is where the most success comes from. Also, we will be contacting expired members personally, door-to-door.
· If there are National Guard or Reserve units or military bases in the areas we are working, it would be a great opportunity to talk to them about and present Operation Outreach DVD (Reconnect). Not recruiting, but providing information about what The American Legion can do in the areas that these units or bases are located. Worked extremely well at Moffett Air Facility last year.
· We will ship brochures and other printed matter and we will put together our packages upon arrival.
Would like to set up a pre-event meeting with team the night before, if possible, to go over the expectations and provide the attached to them so they know what we are doing the next three days.
Attached is a DRAFT of a Press Release and letters (from previous trips) that National will send out from Indy and pay for the 1st class postage. The letters will be similar and sent from here in advance. The highlighted areas will need to change to the area we’re working.
Now you have your “marching orders”…JJ to at least have an idea of what is needed to be done and to get started…

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