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Post 102  Anoka, Minnesota




CHARTER DATE: August 25, 1919

POST NAMESAKE: Edward B. Cutter of Anoka, enlisted in Company B, 3rd Minnesota Infantry, Minnesota National Guard on January 22, 1906. He was elected 2nd.. Read more »


NOTABLE MEMBERS: Private Rick Sorenson, USMC, a native son of Anoka and former member of Post 102, was the recipient of the.. Read more »

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On August 25, 1919, Edward B. Cutter Post 102, was chartered- Full story »
The Chronicle of Post 102 (Anoka, MN), The American Legion, is derived from newspaper articles in 189 local editions of three newspapers, spanning ninety-eight years, an award winning Post newspaper, Post records, Commanders scrapbooks and personal recollections. Much of the Chronicle is a series of vignettes describing events of the Post, each is dated. Some events occur only once or infrequently, others are annual, e.g. school patrol training. Post 102 of The American Legion is named for a World War I hero, Edward B. Cutter, a native son of Anoka. A man who gave his life for his country. Post.. Full story »
The "War to End All Wars" had been over for eleven months in October 1919, when the Edward B. Cutter Post 102 of The American Legion became a permanent organization. On the twenty-second of that month, at a meeting at the armory, an executive committee of eleven was chosen, with Lloyd McCann as president. Members that day helped fill out over one hundred bonus applications. The nation was in recovery mode, the "Roaring Twenties" just.. Full story »
["HONORS FOR SOLDIER DEAD." Anoka Union 27 May. 1920: Print.] Memorial Day Fittingly Observed by Veterans and Citizens of Anoka = Blue and Olive Drab = New Veterans Form Guard of Honor For Men Who Fought in War of Rebellion. Memorial Day was observed in Anoka with fitting ceremonies and Anoka’s citizens turned out in numbers to do honor to the soldier dead. In the morning the J.S. Cady Post No. 2, G.A.R. and the Mary Livermore Circle, Ladies of the G.A.R. decorated the graves of soldiers in the Champlin cemetery and upon returning strewed flowers upon the waters.. Full story »
["Support Your Service Organizations." Anoka Union 28 Aug. 1920: Print.] I don’t know who had the original idea, but it certainly was successful. To the uninitiated, I am referring to the first annual American Legion Post 102 picnic Sunday at George Green Park, Anoka, an affair that hosted about 300 kids of Legion members to races, prizes, a fish pond, pony rides, food, pop and a dance. About 150 adults were there to supervise, conduct contests and hand out prizes and refreshments and there were those who came to watch and picnic. Some of the “oldsters” were enticed to the.. Full story »
["Pay For National Guardsmen." Anoka Union 22 Oct. 1920: Print.] Inquiry has been sent to the state department headquarters of The American Legion, here, as to whether "national guardsman were to receive additional pay" from the state for services rendered while on border duty. P.L .O’Toole, assistant adjutant, has made public this announcement: "National Guard members who served on the American border in 1916, are entitled to draw, as additional pay, 50 cents per day for each day of service". Information application should be submitted to the adjutant general Minnesota, State Capital, St Paul. Certified copy of discharge should be.. Full story »
[ Allert, Johannes "Theresa Ericksen." Anoka County Historical Society Image/Print.] From the start, Theresa Ericksen's life was marked with adversity, yet she chose a vocation of service and self-sacrifice. Equally compelling is the fact that she came from neither wealth nor privilege, yet much of her legacy remains intact. Orphaned at age six, she travelled with her Uncle & Aunt to destinations as far away as China and Japan. A visit to St. Paul, Minnesota.. Full story »
["Naturalized Citizenship." Anoka Union 12 Jan. 1921: Print.] The Edward B. Cutter Post, No., 102, held the first of its regular monthly meetings, January 11, at the Armory. Commander Caswell made the announcement that any ex-service man who had been naturalized in the service, but who had not received his papers, should get in touch with him, as he has the necessary data to procure them. The reason that men did not receive these papers while in the service was that they could not be completed until a man was honorably discharged . The adjutant made the announcement that the.. Full story »
["Victory Medals" Anoka Herald 17 May. 1921: Print.] All ex-service men of Anoka and vicinity can secure victory medals at the Anoka Armory Friday afternoon and evening, May 20. The American Legion has made arrangements to have a man from the recruiting office in Minneapolis issue these medals at that time. Bring your discharge papers and take your medal away with you. Every ex-service man is welcome at the American Legion smoker given that evening. Full story »
["Recruiting Challenge." Anoka Herald 13 Mar. 1923: Print.] At the meeting of the Edward B. Cutter Post, of The American Legion, Tuesday evening, March 6, 1923, it was decided to put on a membership campaign. The Post is to be divided into two companies “A” and “B” and certain credit be given to each company for each new member or re-instatement of a member and attendance at meetings. The Commander, Finance officer, and Adjutant are to be the judges and keep the records. The winning Company are to be the guests of the losing Company at a Stag banquet to.. Full story »
["Adjusted Compensation." Anoka Union 1 Mar. 1924: Print.] The men in charge of the adjusted compensation work at Washington are anxious for the applications to be sent in so that they can get on with the work. Blanks can be procured from the post office, or from the commanders of any veterans organization. Lawrence LaPlant has been appointed service officer of the Edward B. Cutter Post, No. 102, American Legion. He has blanks and will help you make out your application at his office on Main street. There is no charge for anything, except a two cent stamp, in making.. Full story »
In keeping with the Post and Auxiliary's promotion of Children, Youth and Community, they have long been advocates of education and champions of the American Education Week. In the thirties, a program was started to recognize educators: teachers, staff, cooks and custodians. Schools have included those in Anoka, Coon Rapids and Champlin. Early on, the program became a two way street, with each side acknowledging the efforts of the other. In 1936, the Post and.. Full story »
["Sports Program at the Fair Grounds." Anoka Union 26 Jul. 1933: Print.] The mid-summer sports program under auspices of the American Legion at the Anoka fair grounds Tuesday evening was a decided success drawing a crowd of over 1000 people. The horse races drew a field of runners who ran the course in record time.H. Mullenberg of Owatona was the winner in the 2:18 pace winning all three heats. His time in the first heat was 2:15&1/4, in the second heat 2:14&1/4 and in the third heat 2:15&1/4. The time was exceptionally fast but the track was in good condition... Full story »
["Anoka School Patrols." Anoka Union 14 Jul. 1937: Print.] Through the efforts of state highway patrol officers, Kitteridge, Brown and Nelson, the school board was able to contact the proper authorities and two instructors. Officers Hendrickson and Anderson were detailed to talk to the children at the Franklin and the Convent schools and to instruct the school patrol how to pilot the children across the streets. Tha Anoka American Legion furnished the Sam Brown belts and traffic badges which gave the boys the proper authority to handle the traffic. Chief of Police John Melberg and N. L. Orton of the.. Full story »
["American Legion Sponsors Football Party." Anoka Union 04 Oct. 1938: Print.] The local post of the American Legion will sponsor a football benefit and party on Tuesday, October 4, to raise money for the purchasing of warm-up jackets for the members of the Anoka high school football team. Tickets are on sale by Legion members and a record crowd is expected to attend. The local Legion post, as most of you remember, won the award as the state's best activity post last year and members are not letting any grass grow under their feet in starting a new fiscal year.. Full story »
["American Legion Football Stag a Big Success." Anoka Union 08 Oct. 1938: Print.] The Football stag sponsored by the American Legion in the Anoka Armory last Tuesday evening was a big success financially and everyone who attended reported a good time. Enough money was made to buy twenty-two football overcoats for Les Mason and Arch Pease's high school football warriors. These overcoats will be formally presented at the homecoming game to the team and will become the permanent property of the Anoka high school athletic department. Full story »
["Tornado Disrupts Convention." Anoka Herald 18 Jun. 1939: Print.] 10 District Convention Anoka... the tornado hit at 18 minutes after 3 pm on Sunday, June 18 when the Fire Hall clock stopped when power lines fell. Just a half hour before the scheduled start of the parade, the worst tornado in the history of the city struck with very little warning. The accompanying roar of the tornado was almost deafening. Guy Spencer compared the sound to being under a railroad bridge with a fast freight train passing overhead. The Storm ended what started out to be a joyful convention day. Full story »
["Legionnaires and Auxiliary at Their Best." Anoka Herald 19 Jun. 1939: Print.] Officials of the Tenth District, American Legion, had planned to hold their annual convention in the drill hall of the Anoka Armory. The Armory being deemed to large, the City Hall was rented. The Armory was demolished, the move probably saved lives and certainly injuries. The City Hall was not touched. The Legionnaires immediately formed rescue squads to aid the injured. The Auxiliary, meeting in the high school auditorium, which escaped with minor damage, turned the place into an emergency hospital. Banquet food was served to the emergency.. Full story »
["Veterans Gainfully Employed Making Poppies." Anoka Union 01 Jan. 1940: Print.] Only Veterans receiving little or no government compensation are offered poppy employment, with preference going to those having families to support. The men are paid on the basis of the number of poppies produced and the number which can be produced per man per day is limited to conserve their strength and to spread employment as widely as possible. Besides providing much needed money, the poppy work fills pleasantly otherwise empty hours and helps promote recovery. Money contributed for the flowers on Poppy Day goes into the welfare funds.. Full story »
["American Legion Sponsors Anoka Summer Program." Anoka Union 30 May. 1940: Print.] Several Hundred Anoka Young People Will Receive Instruction The boys and girls of Anoka now have one of the most complete recreational programs in the state. The program is planned so that the interests of most of those who wish to take part will be met. Through the cooperation of the board of education and the city council, the recreational facilities in Anoka will be the most modern. Playgrounds and equipment will be adequate to meet the needs of the program. The people of Anoka may rest assured.. Full story »
["War Clouds on the Horizon." Anoka Union 23 Jul. 1940: Print.] World War I veterans were looking east, with thoughts of “not again.” A theme prevalent in the forties and fifties is the need for medical supplies, especially portable. Portable beds, oxygen tents and iron lungs among other things. This equipment was used throughout the county. This was the era of Tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. Legionaries were cognizant of the needs of children and youth. Camps were sponsored to encourage healthy activities as well as moral and patriotic strengths. Alliance with the school patrol program was begun in 1942. Full story »
["Legion presents city with an Iron Lung." Anoka Union 26 Nov. 1941: Print.] The American Legion has formally presented the city of Anoka with an iron lung. It arrived Thursday and has been unpacked and will be kept ready for use at the fire station. Captain Ted Wuest of the first aid squad will have charge of it. Full story »
["American Legion Builds New Pickup Station." Anoka Union 19 Jul. 1944: Print.] American Legion Post No. 102, of Anoka, has built a pickup station in front of the Oswald hamburger shop, near the Baptist church. This station is for traveling servicemen only and will doubtless prove of much use to those traveling north on the busy highway. Full story »
["Portable Polio Heaters From Magazine Subscriptions." Anoka Union 01 Apr. 1947: Print.] The Edward B. Cutter Post No.102 of the American Legion announced this week that proceeds from its annual sale of magazines subscriptions will be used to raise funds for the purchase of several new portable Vollrath Polio-Pak heaters. These heaters are specially designed to produce hot packs for the Kenny method of treating infantile paralysis victims, and are equally efficient in preparing hot packs for the treatment of infections, arthritis, neuralgia, etc. When purchased, the heaters will be stored in the offices of the American Legion Post where.. Full story »
["Fire Destroys Clubrooms." Anoka Union 25 Jun. 1948: Print.] On Monday, the fire started shortly before 6:10 pm when Club Manager Clarence Lundberg called the fire department; it all but demolished the Legion Club and water and smoke damage was seen in every other business in the block. Meanwhile, one of the largest crowds ever seen in Anoka jammed the downtown section and the problem was so acute that Police Chief Castle asked for aid. Members of Headquarters Battery, 125thE.A., who were drilling at city hall were sent to the scene and aided the police. An armed detail of guardsmen.. Full story »
["Post Purchases Fifteen Acres for Home." Anoka Union 15 Oct. 1948: Print.] The Legion purchased the Jacobson farm of approx. 15 acres (between Oakwood cemetery and Fairoak Ave.) They kept what they needed and sold the remaining 12 (100 ft) lots for $2000 per lot. Will Ridge and Wally Jacobs formed the building committee, got organized, had no problem getting help and got started after July 4th. They rented equipment from City Mgr. Rudy Johnson, businesses in Anoka donated material and workers donated their time. These included: builders, Carlson building, Ed Bune & Sons, Wally and Anne Martinson, Linden Plumbing.. Full story »
["Legion to Complete Outdoor Construction." Anoka Union 03 Nov. 1948: Print.] The American Legion Post of Anoka will finish the outside work on its new quarters near Greenhaven this weekend. Already most of the ground work has been completed and blocks for the new basement have been laid. In the next days the buildings will be moved so that inside work can continue during the colder weather. Tomorrow afternoon a crew will be on the job and members will work on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon. All members are urged to attend so that the job can be done as.. Full story »
["Pease Porridge [Cooking Soup]." Anoka Union 04 Nov. 1948: Print.] The Legionnaires who have been working on the New Legion quarters these past weeks have been dished a treat. Sonny Deschene has been cooking soup and stuff for the noon repast and has been doing a top job. The quarters are coming along very well but more workers are needed. Work will continue this week with members on the job Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and afternoon there is still a lot of work to be done and members are urged to attend. Full story »
["The Legion Acts (Lighted Ball Field)." Anoka Union 01 Mar. 1949: Print.] The Anoka American Legion acted Tuesday night to provide an area for the proposed lighted baseball field that will not be a residential district. A number of people living in the vicinity of Park Street oppose erection of baseball lights at that place. And they had their reasons. We cannot help but agree with them that to put baseball lights permanently at Park Street would not be the best overall plan. The American Legion has solved that problem by offering some five acres for that purpose. By its.. Full story »
["A Lighted Baseball Field." Anoka Union 09 Dec. 1949: Print.] A group of Anoka businessmen formed the Anoka Recreation Inc. with the intention of building a lighted baseball field. There was a lighted softball field on State and Douglas and a baseball field but the neighborhood was opposed to lights on that field. The Legion had acquired land from the city to build a clubroom and the city put restrictions on this property that the land could never be sold; they later bought the Jacobson farm. There was agreement between the city of Anoka, Anoka Recreation and the Legion to.. Full story »
Potpourri... [From a Compendium of The Post From 1919-1959] Marv Gilbertson and Willard Castle put the first TV antenna up on the hill clubrooms. It was also time that more cash was needed to purchase refreshments other than through the liquor store. Marv, along with Jerry Raney and Wayne Swanson obtained a $5000 personal loan from the 1st Natl. Bank. Each signed the note to guarantee it's payment; the money was used to purchase libation at better price. ---------- In the 50's there was a move afoot to eliminate the position of Veterans Service Officer; Jerry Raney and other.. Full story »
["Sickroom Equipment." Anoka Union 10 Jun. 1955: Print.] The annual Christmas gifts for hospitalized veterans drive, started in 1944, was changed to "The American Legion Fund for hospitalized Veterans", and would be a year round program. Full story »
["Old Glory Program." Anoka Union 28 Aug. 1958: Print.] Lack of flags flown by merchants the previous Memorial Day. The Post was willing to put the flags up and take them down. The merchants supplied the flags and necessary hardware, both could be bought from the Post. Full story »
["War Memorial Dedication." Anoka Union 21 Nov. 1958: Print.] The VFW post procured a 105mm Howitzer for a memorial to war dead. It was presented to the city as a gift from the VFW and Legion Post 102. The traditional Memorial Parade paused for the ceremony at Triangle Park (West Main and Park St.-later moved to Veterans Memorial). The memorial selection of a 105mm Howitzer was made to honor Anoka’s National Guard unit (now the.. Full story »
["Post 102 Cited For Service To Children." Anoka Union 04 Oct. 1963: Print.] In recognition of its outstanding service to the children and youth of Anoka, Edward B. Cutter Post 102 of the American Legion, Anoka has been cited by the national organization of the Legion, Post Commander Richard Steidl announced today. Personally signed by National Commander James E. Powers and department child welfare chairman Gene Lindquist of Clarissa, Minn., the citation from American Legion national headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind. was presented to Post 102 by John C. smith of Robbinsdale, 10th District child welfare chairman , at the regular.. Full story »
["Naval Academy represented at Boys State." Anoka Union 05 Jun. 1964: Print.] Midshipman Third Class James L. Strouse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton J. Strouse of 3364 Seventh Ave., Anoka, has been selected to represent the U.S. Naval Academy in the 1964 American Legion Boys State of Minnesota on June 18 at Minneapolis. The American Legion Boys State takes place each summer in each state. Boys from within the state meet to learn about.. Full story »
["The Post Home Problems and Perseverance." Anoka Union 10 Oct. 1964: Print.] The Post Home or Clubhouse has suffered many indignities: a tornado, a fire, and a highway running through it. For the first thirteen years the Post had no home. Meetings were held in the City Hall, the National Guard Armory, the High School and in members homes. This was the case with many Posts worldwide. In 1932 space was provided in the Armory... Full story »
["Legion Clubhouse 'Ain’t No More'." Anoka Herald 11 Oct. 1964: Print.] The old clubhouse of the Edward B. Cutter Legion Post 102 will soon be no more. It must be torn down to make room for the Highway 10 by-pass. The Clubhouse was constructed by the veterans themselves after World War II to cut down on cost. A lot of volunteer work went into the building and a great many members will hate to see.. Full story »
["Vietnam Vet Joins Post." Anoka Union 01 Jun. 1966: Print.] United States Flags will be picked up, cleaned and returned free of charge June 1-12 during a program co-sponsored by the American Legion and the National Institute of Dry cleaning, timed to call public attention to Flag Day, June 14. Participating locally are Anoka Cleaners, Starlite Cleaners and Quality Cleaners. With a flag above is Mayor Donald Elvig; B. Hill of Quality Cleaners; Scout Chris Holasz of Troop 316; Mark Ward representing American Legion Post 102 of Anoka, and Sam Hymanson of Starlite Cleaners. For a free flag cleaning, call.. Full story »
["Vietnam Vet Joins Post." Anoka Union 10 Aug. 1966: Print.] The first Vietnam veteran to join American Legion Post 102 under recently passed legislation, Robert E. Olson, 23, 1850 South Ferry st., is welcomed into the post Friday by First Vice Commander Lou Erickson, Service Officer Bob Barkuloo and 10th District Commander Warren Feist. Olson, a Marine Corps helicopter mechanic from 1961 to his discharge in July 1966, served aboard the ISS Iwo Jima. The.. Full story »
["Wild Game Dinner." Anoka Union 11 Nov. 1966: Print.] Wild Game dinner for vets, paraplegics- TheAnoka American Legion Edward B. Cutter Post 102 on Saturday hosted nine paraplegics, a dozen patients from the Veterans Hospital at Fort Snelling and the Legion’s sponsored Boy Scout troop to an annual game dinner at the Legion clubrooms. The group enjoyed moose, caribou, venison, goose and antelope, skits by the Scouts and a program of entertainment. Legion member Roy Landowski above serves Aaron Simons, Tom Mooney and Ed Benson. Chairman of the event was Lou Erickson. Full story »
["Wood Cutting For Needy Veterans." Anoka Union 15 Dec. 1967: Print.] Gather Wood For Invalid Veteran--Members ofAmerican Legion Post 102 cut and gathered several loads of wood Saturday and delivered them to the home of an invalid veteran near Martin Lake for use in his wood stove. The family was “very grateful” for receiving the wood, according to Commander Charles Sell. The Legion also has tentative Christmas plans for the family. Robert Dehn donated the.. Full story »
["Legion Stamp." Anoka Union 11 Apr. 1969: Print.] Beginning Saturday and continuing through Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, all first class mail from the Anoka Post Office will bear a stamp cancellation mark commemorating the 50th anniversary of the American Legion. The special cancellation die hub was purchased by the Anoka American Legion Post 102. Receiving the die from Commander Louis Erickson is Postmaster Charles Ward. Full story »
The seventies was another decade of accomplishments for the Edward B. Cutter Post 102 and Auxiliary. Members continued to receive awards at the District and Department levels. Promoting Americanism is done by presenting flags to various groups and sponsoring the Memorial Day service each year. The Post makes donations to help youth programs. Among the programs are Boys State, Girls State, school patrol training at Legionville, Boy Scout of the year award, and an oratorical contest. Veterans at the VA Hospitals in Minneapolis and St Cloud are treated to an annual wild game dinner. Local paraplegics are taken on a.. Full story »
Comments by Commander Duane “Bud” Redepenning concerning Planning and Building Committee which he appointed, and the work they accomplished. Before 1972 Post 102 was expanding in both business and membership. In August of 1972 the new incoming Commander, Bud Redepenning, appointed a Planning and Building Committee, they were: Jerry Snell [Chair], Ken Berghorst, Jack Hiltz, Jim George, and Glenn Barrott. The committee background represents: attorney, realtor, architect, and building contractors. The first couple years the committee discussed the Post’s future needs. Future needs: should we relocate, should we expand at our present location, how do we raise money? Just to.. Full story »
["12x18 Flag To Fly Over City Hall." Anoka Union 05 Apr. 1975: Print.] The City of Anoka received a huge U.S. flag during a recent City Commission meeting. The 18 by 12 foot American flag was presented to the city by the Anoka American Legion Edward B. Cutter Post 102. Anoka American Legion commander Jerry Abeln is a big man and he has big ideas. Realizing that many of the Legion projects go unnoticed by.. Full story »
Post member Don Kasson handmade thirty stars and stripe flags. This is an impressive display of flags from different eras of history of our country. They were presented on Flag Day and are on display in parades and Post events. Full story »
The eighties was a banner decade for the Post in many ways. Accolades seemed to come naturally for Ned Cutter’s men and women. A national best newspaper, awards for editorial writing and best press book were journalistic accomplishments. Members and teams won honors at District, Department and National levels. The Post did it’s share of giving also. Outstanding Scout awards were given each year. The school patrol members were awarded as well as being supplied with necessities. Wild game dinners were served annually to VA hospital patients, State Hospital patients, local paraplegics, and nursing home residents. Ceremonies on the Fourth.. Full story »
["Wild Game Dinners." Anoka Union 22 Feb. 1980: Print.] Area paraplegics and veterans from the State Hospital and the Minneapolis Veterans Administration Hospital were treated to a wild game dinner, an annual affair. Game was provided by Berger Brothers, the Minnesota Game Wardens and individuals. Full story »
["Safety for Shut-In's." Anoka Union 30 Jun. 1980: Print.] RUOK (are you ok) phone system donated to Anoka Police Department. The system automatically dials the phone of shut-ins at a specified time each day, if there is no answer the local police are notified. Full story »
["Aiding Law Enforcement." Anoka Union 15 Sep. 1980: Print.] Post donates $16,538.00 for Crime Scene Simulator. The Simulator allows officers to attack life sized targets, portraying criminal activity, with live ammunition. Full story »
["Legion Helps Fire Fighters." Anoka Union 24 Nov. 1980: Print.] The Post donated $17,600.00 to buy equipment for fighting hazardous material fires, to the Anoka Fire Department. Included is a trailer for transporting the equipment, two special suits, two special breathing apparatus and two communication systems. Full story »
["Wild Game Dinner." Anoka Union 13 Mar. 1981: Print.] About 80 veterans from Anoka State Hospital, Minneapolis VA Hospital and Anoka Nursing Home and Maple Manor Nursing Home, plus area paraplegics were hosted to an annual wild game dinner Saturday at the Anoka American Legion Edward B. Cutter Post 102. Lt. Edward Cutter was Victor Bjorlyn's first lieutenant in World War I. Joslyn is a charter member of the Anoka American Legion, named after Cutter,.. Full story »
["National Newspaper Award." Anoka Union 06 Aug. 1982: Print.] Full story »
["Local Leads Legion." Anoka Union 18 Jul. 1986: Print.] Duane "Bud" Redepenning of the Post is elected Department Commander of the Minnesota America Legion Saturday, at the Legion’s annual State Convention in Bloomington. Redepenning, a member of Anoka American Legion Edward B. Cutter Post, ran unopposed and won all ten Districts of the Minnesota American Legion. A thousand Legionnaires and Auxiliary attended the Convention, July 10-12. Redepenning retired from employment with the County, after many.. Full story »
May 27, 1991 was a very special day for American Legion Post 102. Not only was it Memorial Day, but Post 102 had the honor of dedicating a life size statute of an Anoka native who was awarded the Medal Of Honor (MOH) during World War II. The ceremonies included a parade, as well as a reception at the post, to honor three MOH recipients. In May 1990, The American Legion Post 102 commissioned sculptor.. Full story »
Post 102 of The American Legion, Takes Responsibility of Memorial Day Service from the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). Early in 1992, representatives of the local VFW Post told members of the Anoka American Legion Post 102, that they did not have enough help to sponsor the Memorial Day Service in Anoka. Post 102 decided the service was important in reminding the community, of the men and women that served their country in time of.. Full story »
The American Legion Post 102 held two ceremonies on Memorial Day 1992. The first ceremony was originally scheduled to be held at The Anoka Veterans Memorial at Forest Hill Cemetery; but, due to rain, it was moved to the American Legion Post. The second ceremony held at the Post was to dedicate a memorial to Clarence "Whiskey" Visneski. Clarence Visneski was a man that knew how to get things done. He was a member of Post 102 for 32 years, and was a Past Commander. He was also the Chairman of the Building Committee to relocate the Post to its.. Full story »
The first decade of the twenty-first century was a tranquil one for the Ned Cutter Post. Receipts were such that the post was able to contribute funds to a number of civic organizations. Flags were distributed, along with Americanism, in local schools. On more than one occasion flag retiring ceremonies were conducted with school children present. Fair weather seemed to prevail for Memorial Day celebrations, contributing to several festive occasions. Senator John McCain of Arizona stopped by on a stumping tour for Minnesota candidates. The Post color guard joined with other veterans organization in raising the colors at the County.. Full story »
["Donation to Rise." Anoka Union 24 Feb. 2000: Print.] Full story »
["Wild Game Dinner, Honoring Veterans." Anoka Union 22 Dec. 2000: Print.] The Anoka American Legion Post 102 served more than 75 meals during a wild game dinner for veterans from the Minneapolis and St Cloud Veterans Administration hospitals and the Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center. The dinner included moose, elk, venison, sauerbraten, wild rice and pie. After the meal, event chairman Al Springer and Cmdr. Jon Wagner were presented with a plaque in recognition of the.. Full story »
["Building a Bridge." Anoka Union 22 Dec. 2000: Print.] American Legion helps National Eagle Center living memorial. The National Eagle Center and the Veterans Living Memorial Aviary are working together to become a reality in Wabasha on the banks of the Mississippi River. The two projects are working hand-in-hand to provide educational opportunities for the youth of the nation. The aviary is a living tribute to all veterans, and the aviary’s goal is to have.. Full story »
["Color Guard Members Honor a Fellow Vietnam Veteran." Anoka Union 26 Sep. 2008: Print.] American Legion Edward B. Cutter Post 102 color guard members completed a simple yet ceremonial mission during Sen. John McCain’s Sept. 19 visit. Members from the Anoka Legion post presented the nation’s colors to honor McCain, a fellow Vietnam veteran, said Commander Cliff Newman. Newman was joined by Jim Hays, William Golden, Fadi Awaijane and Lannie Vaughn Friday at Key Air.. Full story »
["Anoka Legion sponsors boys and girls to State." Anoka Union 25 Dec. 2009: Print.] The Anoka Legion Post 102 sponsored boys and girls from the area in the Minnesota Boys and Girls State programs Minnesota Boys State is a functional practice of democratic activities. The boys learn about city, county and state government. Its citizens will apply knowledge already asquired concerning political machinery of U.S. citizens. Justice is administered by their own law enforcement agencies.. Full story »
["Anoka Legion hosts Oratorical Competiton." Anoka Union 15 Dec. 2012: Print.] The 10th District American Legion annual oratorical contest took place Dec. 15 at the Edward B Cutter Anoka American Legion Post 102. Caroline Donaldson placed first and received a $1,000 scholarship from the District. She lives in Eden Prairie and is a home-schooled sophomore, coached by Marti Ackland of Maple Grove. She is following in her brother's footsteps who went to the National contest.. Full story »
In a recent general membership meeting of Anoka's American Legion Edward B. Cutter Post 102, we received a special treat when Simeon Toronto, a 17-year-old high school senior from Andover, came to speak to us. Our Anoka post sponsored Simeon as our representative to Boys State held this past June on the campus if Southwest State University in Marshall. At the week-long event, where all participants are sponsored by American Legion posts, they learn about.. Full story »
["Anoka's American Legion Hosts Legion Riders Kick-Off Party." Anoka Union 25 Aug. 2016: Print.] Edward B. Cutter Post 102 American Legion, on Aug. 20-21, 2016, was the host to the American Legion Riders 'Kickoff Party', for its first annual Minnesota Legacy Run. Between 50 and 75 Legion Riders from throughout the state of Minnesota traveled about 1,000 miles across the state to raise funds for the American Legion Legacy Foundation. The final destination is the.. Full story »