["Recruiting Challenge." Anoka Herald 13 Mar. 1923: Print.]

At the meeting of the Edward B. Cutter Post, of The American Legion, Tuesday evening, March 6, 1923, it was decided to put on a membership campaign. The Post is to be divided into two companies “A” and “B” and certain credit be given to each company for each new member or re-instatement of a member and attendance at meetings. The Commander, Finance officer, and Adjutant are to be the judges and keep the records. The winning Company are to be the guests of the losing Company at a Stag banquet to be held on the night of the regular meeting Tuesday, June 5th, 1923. The winning team shall have the right to choose the menu.

Buddies. Do you get the idea? This is something to work for. Let’s see if we can make our Post the livest in the state and increase our membership to somewhere near what it ought to be. Our next meeting will be Tuesday evening, March 20, 1923 at the Armory 8:00 p.m. Let’s all be present and add attendance points to the score of our company. Every Veteran of the World War is eligible whether he served Overseas or not. If you have never belonged before bring your discharge and your $2.75 along and we will show you how to get more for your money than you ever did before.

Post Roster of March 6, Commander Stanley Douglas, Finance Officer, Raymond Parker, Adjutant, Theo. W. Akin. Company “A” George Blanchette, Capt., L.N. LaPlant, Fritz A. Peterson, Theresa Ericksen, Albert F. Pratt, R.J. Witte Jr., Arthur D. Caswell, Forest E. Barnes, Phillip Blanchette, Harry C. Laird, Arthur J. Johnson, George Stewart, Douglas P. Campbell, Edward Peterson, H.E. Blewett. Company “B” C. Merion Hicks, Capt., Forest E. Babcock, Louie E. Banwart, Arthur A. Caswell, Harold Lindsey, Clyde R. Joslyn, Ralph McKinney, Archie Sorenson, Harold Wildung, Peter Manley, Peter Bourgeois, H.J. Sebough, E.J. Goodrich, Clayton H. Thurston, Robert G. Pratt.

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