["Anoka School Patrols." Anoka Union 14 Jul. 1937: Print.]

Through the efforts of state highway patrol officers, Kitteridge, Brown and Nelson, the school board was able to contact the proper authorities and two instructors.

Officers Hendrickson and Anderson were detailed to talk to the children at the Franklin and the Convent schools and to instruct the school patrol how to pilot the children across the streets.

Tha Anoka American Legion furnished the Sam Brown belts and traffic badges which gave the boys the proper authority to handle the traffic. Chief of Police John Melberg and N. L. Orton of the Franklin school cooperated to help make the school patrol have a perfect record of no traffic accidents although the highway where the school patrols operated has the most traffic in the state.

The school patrol piloted hundreds of children across the highway daily.

The work of the boys deserve great praise and as a reward for their efforts the American Legion selected two boys, Jacob Strouse of the Franklin school and Arthur Richards of the Convent to go to the Legion school patrol camp at Brainerd.

The American Legion Post paid for the boys board and Dr. Hastings made it possible for the boys to get there by furnishing the transportation.

I will quote from the Minnesota Legionnaire, those in charge and the daily activities. "Bigger and better than ever!" was the universal comment of visitors to the 1937 school patrol camp sponsored by the Legionnaires of Minnesota and held at Legionville, Lum Park, Brainerd from June 20-26.

With an attendance of 215 enthusiastic lads who studied and played among ideal surroundings, the camp was ably supervised by Legion department of education, Ernie Hanson, New Ulm superintendent of schools, aided by the department of safety chairman, Alex Fraser, of the state highway department (St. Paul) who was in charge of the commisary, and Legionnaire Bill Nellis, school principal at Nashwauk, who served as camp counselor.

The instructiors included: Ray Clements of the state forestry department (St. Paul); Vern Morrison, St. Cloud high school coach; Frank Cleve of SERA, St. Paul; and Walter Anderson of Bemidji, state highway patrolman. The chief cook was M. C. Pollock; assistant cook, Fred Lester; truck driver, Private Gerald Larson.

Mr. Hanson stressed courtesy as one of the great essentials in life and the camp instructors taught dependability as a means of developing character.

The day's work was divided into four activities:
1. School patrol citizenship.
2. Conservation.
3. Athletics.
4. Swimming.

I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the school board to thank the instructors at the camp and the American Legion for arranging the trip for these boys.

To the boys in Franklin and Convent patrols who through all kinds of weather helped in the school patrol, I want to say in my estimation, it shows the spirit of true patriotism in you in sacrificing your time and personal service for the safety of your schoolmates.

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