The Chronicle of Post 102 (Anoka, MN), The American Legion, is derived from newspaper articles in 189 local editions of three newspapers, spanning ninety-eight years, an award winning Post newspaper, Post records, Commanders scrapbooks and personal recollections.
Much of the Chronicle is a series of vignettes describing events of the Post, each is dated. Some events occur only once or infrequently, others are annual, e.g. school patrol training. Post 102 of The American Legion is named for a World War I hero, Edward B. Cutter, a native son of Anoka. A man who gave his life for his country. Post 102 (Anoka, Minnesota) is a Centennial Post, having been chartered in the first year of The American Legion, (25 August 1919.) We are committed to the four pillars of The American Legion: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth. We now present you with a ninety-eight year chronicle of our Post; by the way, our Post is a family consisting of Legionaries, The American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion (SAL), and the The American Legion Riders.

Legionnaires have had help in establishing and maintaining a viable vibrant organization, The American Legion Auxiliary. Before there was an Auxiliary, spouses and significant others were on the front line of The American Legion movement. You must look backwards to see this. They continue today, to serve the cause. Then came two more significant members; The Sons of The American Legion (SAL) and The American Legion Riders.

The SAL is made up of men, some veterans, but primarily sons of veterans, who serve an ever increasing role in The American Legion Family. The last group of the family, the American Legion Riders, have been spectacular in raising money to educate dependents of fallen comrades. This has been and continues to be a joint effort.

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