["American Legion Sponsors Anoka Summer Program." Anoka Union 30 May. 1940: Print.]

Several Hundred Anoka Young People Will Receive Instruction
The boys and girls of Anoka now have one of the most complete recreational programs in the state. The program is planned so that the interests of most of those who wish to take part will be met.

Through the cooperation of the board of education and the city council, the recreational facilities in Anoka will be the most modern. Playgrounds and equipment will be adequate to meet the needs of the program.

The people of Anoka may rest assured that under the able direction of George Nash, who has been secured as recreational director, the program will be administered in an excellent manner. Mr. Nash is a young man of excellent character, who combines exceptional athletic ability with a keen sense of responsibility for the development of good character in the boys with whom he works. Anoka may rest assured that under his guidance the boys of our community will be led to be good citizens.

Mr. Nash will be assisted by Mr. Morse, who is well known in Anoka. Mr. Morse has devoted his life to the recreational activities of the youth of Minnesota. He will prove an able assistant to Mr. Nash.

Mr. Mason will again be in charge of the swimming program this year. During the past few years Mr. Mason has supervised this program in our community. During this time he has taught several thousand youngsters to swim, without the loss of a single life. Edward Larson and Wm. Ridge will assist at the beach.

Mr. McKellar will supervise the instrumental music program. This is part of the general recreational program, and will take care of the interests of many boys and girls, who find their recreation in this field. Mr. McKellar has an excellent knowledge of the music field, and brings with him an enviable record of accomplishments with school bands.

The local American Legion Post has consistently supported the recreational activities in Anoka. This is in accord with the national and state American Legion program.

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