Post 2 Bristol, Connecticut

Post 2

Bristol, Connecticut

Post 2 Bristol, Connecticut

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American Legion Post 2 is Born

Jun 28, 1919
As taken from the minutes: Meeting opened at 8:30PM at City Court Room, City Building, Bristol. W.M. Malone Chairman. Nominations opened for Post Officers. The name of Irving Dresser approved for Post Commander, no further nominations. Mr. Irving Dresser elected Post Commander. Capt. Frank s. Merrill, Vice Commander. Mr. Walter W. Clark elected Finance Officer. Mr. William J. Leishman elected Adjutant. Mr. James T. Heffernan elected Post Historian. Rev. Mr. C. Wismer elected as Post..
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American Legion Post 2 Hosts Field Day Outing for all State Posts

Sep 11, 1919
This outing was originally to be held at Lake Compounce, but then was discussed to be held at Muzzy Field, but finally was agreed upon to be held at Rockwell Park. Activities for the day included, a barbecue, athletics, a dance and a parade. The entertainment officer,Chairman Fagan sent out 4700 general admission tickets, and 450 barbecue tickets for the celebration to bring participants in from around the town and state. 5 atletes were added..
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Received our first American Legion Emblem during Membership Meeting

Sep 19, 1919
It was voted on at the Membership Meeting to accept the Emblem of The American Legion from Mrs. Walter Wade. The Adjutant was appointed the duty of getting the Emblem framed and to also send a letter of thanks to Mrs. Walter Wade for her fine gift. Guests during the meeting were Captain Moody of Hartford, and Colonel Lamb also of Hartford, who gave very fine talks on the Legion work. Refreshments were served after..
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Seicheprey decide on and voted in as Post 2 Official name

Oct 16, 1919

The motion was made and passed to name Post 2 "Seicheprey" after all the first Bristol men who died in the battle of Seicheprey. This was decided after suggestions of all the members writing the names of all the Bristol Service men who were killed in action on a slip of paper and then pull the first two names and name the Post as such. This motion was not accepted by the membership and the..

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American Legion Seicheprey Post 2 requests that November 11th be declared a holiday by the Mayor of Bristol

Oct 30, 1919
Entertainment Committee asked to put together event for celebration on November 11th and talent was put together from membership to play music during the celebration. Major Haggerty and Captain Strickland from New Haven to be asked to attend and say a few words as part of the evening's entertainment as well. The old parlor of this hall was to be turned into a trophy room for the evening. Information taken from the 1st Meeting minutes..
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Received Official Charter

Aug 1, 1920
Although the American Legion Seicheprey Post 2 in Bristol was already meeting and very active as a Post starting June 28th in 1919, we did not receive our official charter until 1920.
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National Dues Assessed

Sep 30, 1920
A motion was made at the meeting on this date to pay the newly established monthly dues for membership through National. It was seconded and pased to pay the requested amount of $1.00 per member.
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American Legion Post 2 Womens Auxiliary Chartered

Mar 23, 1922
On this date the Women's Auxiliary were officially chartered. Just a long and wonderful history which continues today.
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Bingo Comes To Post 2 !!!

Nov 11, 1964
Post 2 was granted a Bingo License by the City of Bristol Chief of Police on November 11th 1964. In the first year the Post was making roughly $85 dollars per week and growing. Robert Hartney and Robert Peterson were the co-chairmen. In the first year they turned over $1385.21 to the Post. The Post advertised on WBIS radio station in Bristol, CT at a cost of $40 for the contract with 20 radio slots..
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Post 2 Sons of American Legionnaires are Granted their Charter

Mar 13, 1989
Another great day in the history of our Post. The Sons have grown and been involved for many years in many aspects since, continuing the tradition today and on into tomorrow!
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Legion Post 2 Gets 1st Woman Commander

Jun 14, 1990
The new Commander of American Legion Post 2 is a former medic, an accomplished sculptor,and enjoys making dolls. Rae Fredrickson, a 54 year old licensed practical nurse, U.S. Army veteran, mother of three and a grandmother of two, was elected Tuesday to a one year term by the Post's membership. Fredrickson's victory over William Tulloch, a past commander of Post 2 , makes her the first woman to command the 71 year old Bristol Legion..
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Members of Post 2 Support and Raise Money for Memorial Park Footbridge

May 29, 2000
Many of the members of Post 2 see the dedication of the New Veterans Memorial Boulevard Footbridge in Honor and Memory of Past Post Commander, Capt. Mario J. Manna WWII Airforce .
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Post 2 Legion Riders Chapter formally received their Charter

Nov 4, 2010
This was a wonderful day in the Posts history and so welcomed another facet of family into Post 2.
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Lost WW II letters find a home at Bristol Historical Society

Jan 7, 2015

  10 years before  a Charles Gamble, manager of Reliable Spring Co. came across a box full of envolopes with special stamps. It was thrown into the trash from the Session Building where he was working at that time. They were remodeling the old factory building.  He took the box home and stored them away. While spring cleaning came across them and learned what they were.

  There were letters from 1942 to 1946, victory mail..

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Fundraiser to support the Bristol Military Museum

Jan 15, 2015

  American Legion, Post 2 held a SOS Breakfast  at it's Hall to raise money to help the Bristol Memorial Military Museum. The Museum was latter renamed after it's founder.  

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Special night

Jan 17, 2015

  The lost WW II letters and mail was turned over to the Bristol Historical Museum at the start of the monthly meeting. That same night a flag flown aboard a B-1 during Operation "Bone" was pesented to the members by Airman 1st Class Zachary Schreiner. 

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Say Hello To the Oldest Veterans' Organization in Bristol Connecticut

Jan 22, 2015
Say Hello to the Oldest Veterans’ Organization in Bristol, CT Written By Russ Trudel ---Junior Vice Commander Post 2---Current Commander 2015-2016 Printed in Bristol Press January 2015 For those of you who may not know, Bristol has a long history of being a very large Veterans’ community. One just needs to take a stroll down Veterans Memorial Boulevard to get a taste of the rich history displayed through the many monuments and walkways dotting this..
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Say Hello To the Oldest Veterans' Organization in Bristol Connecticut

American Legion Northeastern Tournament at Muzzy Field

Aug 5, 2015
American Legion Post 2, Bristol hosted the Northeastern Regional Tournament at Muzzy Field. With the backing of the City the Post hosted teams from, Maine, R.I., Vt. N.H. Mass and Ct.
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WWII Veterans from Legion Post 2 will be honored at parade

Aug 9, 2015
• Posted on Aug 6, 2015 by Brian Johnson BRISTOL — World War II Veterans from American Legion Post 2 will be honored at a VJ Day Parade in Moosup this Sunday. Russ Trudel, post commander, said the parade is sponsored by another American Legion post in Moosup. While researching the history of Post 2 for its upcoming centennial celebration, he discovered that Post 2 once attended the parade regularly but stopped for unknown reasons in..
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New Commander excited for Legion post’s future

New Commander excited for Legion post’s future

Nov 4, 2015
Posted: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 11:06 pm | Updated: 1:23 am, Wed Nov 4, 2015. Special to the Press BRISTOL — Russ Trudel, recently named commander of American Legion Seicheprey Post 2, said he is excited to connect with the community and bids everyone “a fond welcome and hello.” “As the new Commander of Post 2, I stand in the footprints of generations before me,” Trudel said. “I am honored to have this chance to..
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