As taken from the minutes:
Meeting opened at 8:30PM at City Court Room, City Building, Bristol. W.M. Malone Chairman.
Nominations opened for Post Officers.
The name of Irving Dresser approved for Post Commander, no further nominations.
Mr. Irving Dresser elected Post Commander.
Capt. Frank s. Merrill, Vice Commander.
Mr. Walter W. Clark elected Finance Officer.
Mr. William J. Leishman elected Adjutant.
Mr. James T. Heffernan elected Post Historian.
Rev. Mr. C. Wismer elected as Post Chaplain.
It was voted that the matter of Soldiers Memorial Hall was approved by all present.
Wm. J. Malone was appointed as Chairman of Committee of three on by-laws. He shall appoint two other men for said committee.
Wm. Thompson appointed as Chairman of Publicity Committee.
Parish House decided on as the future meeting place of the Post. So ordered.
It was voted that Post No. 2 extend it's vote of thanks to the people of Bristol for the fine celebration given to the returned soldiers.
H. Gould
Act. Adjutant

Minutes entered here were taken from the first minutes ledger of Post 2. and transcribed by Post Commander Russ Trudel 2015-2016

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