10 years before  a Charles Gamble, manager of Reliable Spring Co. came across a box full of envolopes with special stamps. It was thrown into the trash from the Session Building where he was working at that time. They were remodeling the old factory building.  He took the box home and stored them away. While spring cleaning came across them and learned what they were.

  There were letters from 1942 to 1946, victory mail along with reduced size mail, letters that where reduced in size to save space.  There were  New Year's cards along with Easter  and Christmas cards, some were hand drawn post caards and many were hand colored with 6 cent stamps. The service members wrote to the Session Company and the owner and employees wrote back to each and very sender. A carbon copy of the sent letter was attached to each letter recieved.  Also a note if items were mail with the letter.  Many thank you notes for items sent to the troops. The mail was posted on walls in the shop so all employees could read them.

   Gamble was not sure what to do with them but he felt they belonged to the Community. He handed them off  to the Post Historian who arranged for the Bristol Historical Society to take charge of them on to be shared with the Bristol Military Museum. 


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