• Posted on Aug 6, 2015
by Brian Johnson
BRISTOL — World War II Veterans from American Legion Post 2 will be honored at a VJ Day Parade in Moosup this Sunday.
Russ Trudel, post commander, said the parade is sponsored by another American Legion post in Moosup. While researching the history of Post 2 for its upcoming centennial celebration, he discovered that Post 2 once attended the parade regularly but stopped for unknown reasons in the ‘70s or ‘80s.
“I am honored as the new Commander of Post 2 and a Marine Corps Veteran, to be able to rekindle a tradition of our Post in attending this parade,” he said. “I believe that like many things today, we seem to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day challenges, and seem to lose track of the commitments and traditions of our past in the process.”
“The American Legion is an honorable organization,” Trudel continued. “Post 2 in Bristol has an amazing history, dating back to June 1919, of honoring our community and Veterans alike. As a new, younger commander, I believe we can look to those traditions and members of our yester-years to find hope for our Post’s future and future members.”
Participating in this year’s parade, Trudel said, will be a great way to honor World War II veterans for the 70th anniversary of the end of the conflict. All World War II veterans who participate will be named grand marshals.
“When I heard Commander Jeff DeClerc of Moosup Post 91 give his presentation and plans for this event during the Legion’s State Convention a month or so ago, I was immediately drawn to the idea of putting together a group of our World War II Veterans from our area and getting them down there to be recognized,” he said. “My Grandfather Emile J. Trudel Jr. (Navy) as well as my great uncles Robert Thomas (US Merchant Marines), Paul Tenan (Army), Frank Tenan (Army), Louis Tenan (Navy) and Arthur Tenan (Army) were all World War II Veterans and I’m sure they all are smiling down on my efforts to help out with this event.”
Trudel said past generations left “some pretty big boots to fill” but he believes the legions’ members are up to the challenge.
“We will march into tomorrow in those boots continuing that honored legacy,” he said.
The following local veterans will attend the parade:
∎ John Lasnier, U.S. Army
∎ Dick Fitz, U.S. Navy
∎ Everett Johnson, USAF/Army Air Corp
∎ Fred Rafanello, U.S. Navy
∎ Joe Christophero, U.S. Navy
∎ Tony Silio, U.S. Army
∎ Andrew Lessard, U.S. Army
∎ Gerry Quintin, U.S. Navy
Ed Riccio Jr., U.S. Army Air Corps is unable to attend due to a family health issue.
The following World War II Veterans from elsewhere in the state will also attend:
∎ George H. Breuler, US Army, CT Veterans Hall of Fame Inductee
∎ Arthur Lebeau, U.S. Army Air Corps
∎ Oliver E. May, U.S. Navy (Moosup AL Post 91)
∎ William Robinson, USMC
∎ Ray Williams, U.S. Air Force (Danielson AL Post 21)
∎ Reverend Edwin A. Vonderheide, USMC (Woodstock Post 111)
∎ Edward S. Orlowski, USN/USMC (Rockville AL Post 14)
∎ Chester W. Zych, U.S. Navy (Rockville AL Post 14)
∎ Henry Zurowski, USMM (Willimantic AL Post 19)
∎ Peter Tracey, USMM (Willimantic AL Post 19)
∎ Ernie Maynard, U.S. Army (Enfield AL Post 80)
∎ Gordon Duggan, U.S. Coast Guard (Enfield AL Post 80)
∎ Edmund Suzenski, USMC (Enfield AL Post 80)
∎ Thomas Kanonas, U.S. Army (Enfield AL Post 80)
∎ Ernest G. Salvas, U.S. Navy (Putnam VFW Post 1523)
∎ Harold Parker, U.S. Navy (Somers AL Post 101)
∎ John Moak, U.S. Army (Somers AL Post 101)
∎ Peter Kober, U.S. Army (Somers AL Post 101)
∎ Albert Kingsbury, U.S. Army (Somers AL Post 101)
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