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Post 249  Delmont, South Dakota



CHARTER DATE: March 13, 1930

POST NAMESAKE: Laib-Albrecht Post 249


NOTABLE MEMBERS: Current Post Commander, Glennis Stern, has been the Post Commander since 1996. Since 1930 we have had 32 different people.. Read more »

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The Laib-Breitbach Post 249 was organized on March 13, 1930, under the direction of District Commander Curtis and State Vice Commander Spardell. Thirty-five members signed at this time. Full story »
Delmont City Cemetery, a Cemetery Association, had another survey accomplished and it was sponsored by Post 249 Legion. The Cemetery for a number of years was not too well kept, but the Association reorganized and since that time the grounds have been made presentable. The Association in past years since 1960, has served dinner at the Legion Hall following the Memorial Day program. However, since around 1990, the Association did not have enough people to sponsor the Memorial Day dinner. So, Legion Post 249 members now serves the dinner after the program. Full story »
On July 22, 1947, at the regular meeting by unanimous vote, the Post's name was changed to Laib-Albrecht Post 249 in memory of Reinhold Albrecht who was the only one killed in action during World War II from the Delmont Community. Full story »
The Legion Hall was built almost entirely by the Legion men themselves. It has given Delmont one of its finest facilities. It is available for weddings, dances, and all sorts of gatherings and dinners, besides being the "home" for the Post and Auxiliary. Both ladies and men worked endlessly too pay the debt by serving dinners, rabbit hunts, jamborees, and farming some land for it. Now it is entirely debt free. The space where the.. Full story »
The hall had water leaking in from rain that was damaging the wood arches inside. So it was decided to replace the roof with a steel roof. However, the money would have to be raised to purchase the roof replacement. Several ideas was input as ways to raise the money needed. Pancake breakfast was used several times to raise the money. However, one suggestion was to have a silent auction. Items were collected from around.. Full story »
The front of the hall was concrete blocks. They were deteriorating so bad that something had to be done with them. It was suggested to just replace the blocks that were really bad. However, no one knew how the blocks were installed on the front of the building. We had two contractors come look at the hall and they determined the blocks had steel rods going through the blocks to hold them in place. So,.. Full story »
Legion members had discussed how we can help the handicap people coming into the hall. We talked about a ramp for wheel chairs, but to get in the basement the ramp would have to be too long to meet requirements for a wheel chair ramp. Even with a ramp that would go back and forth would take up a lot of floor room. Other alternative would be chair lifts going to the basement and going to the main floor. We talked to a company about the cost with installation. It was around $7500. We didn't have the money to have.. Full story »
The legion hall had asphalt tiles installed on the basement floor when built. These tiles started coming up in 1997. So the legion decided to remove the tiles and paint the floor. This was completed twice and it was starting to look real bad again. We looked for ways to fix the floor and make it look great and would last. We were told by several concrete people not to put anything on the floor.. Full story »