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Post 359  Saint Joseph, Missouri




CHARTER DATE: January 16, 1946


American Legion Pony Express Post 359, Department of Missouri, is so named because the Pony Express used Saint Joseph, Missouri, as the eastern.. Read more »


Charles Piro


Carlyle Hadley, Post Commander 1950 - 1951, Fourth District Commander 1958 - 1960, Department Vice Commander 1960 - 1961 (First.. Read more »


We have sponsored The American Legion JROTC Military Excellence Award Program for the Saint Joseph School District JROTC Program since 1960 and serve as a information and support outlet for veterans issues in Saint Joseph and surrounding communities.

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American Legion National Headquarters issued a Temporary Charter to Pony Express Post 359 to operate out of Saint Joseph, Missouri on October 4, 1945. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 received its permanent charter from The American Legion National Headquarters. Charter Members are: Abner D. McKinnon, Paul M. Riedle, Hugh M. Howard, Arthur C. Jones, Everett L. Johnson, Everett E. Klusman, Clifton L. Thompson, J. Glen Venable, Julian Midler, Alfred G. Roth, Stan P. Crump, Joseph E. Suhoskey, Samuel M. Spair, Carl C. Castel, Harry E. Agnew, Calvin Weinberg, Alex Mendell, Jake Lieberman, Earl C. Gartin, Charles Piro, Max E. Lance and Paul.. Full story »
The first meeting place for Pony Express Post 359 was Turner Hall at the corner of 7th and Charles Street in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Turner Hall was one of the sites for a notorious incident in 1861 when then St. Joseph Mayor Jeff Thompson (who would go on to some renown as a Brig. Gen. in the Confederate Army as a Calvary commander) led a mob of Confederate sympathizers that tore down and destroyed the.. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 established its first Post HQ on the second floor at 116 1/2 South 7th Street above Dick's Flowers in Saint Joseph, Missouri. The Post maintained this location until shortly after the Korean War armistice. (Photo courtesy of Saint Joseph Missouri Memory Lane (Information courtesy of The Saint Joseph Telegraph) Full story »
On October 10, 1951, Sons of The American Legion Pony Express Squadron 359 was chartered by the Post. The Squadron has over the period of its existence provided valuable support to various Legion programs including Americanism, Children and Youth and Community Service. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 established its second Post Headquarters at 913 South Belt Highway in Saint Joseph, Missouri. The location had previously housed the Tropics Night Club. (Information courtesy of The Saint Joseph Telegraph) Full story »
Kenneth L. Tucker, Commander of The American Legion Department of Missouri (Post 431) spoke at the regular meeting of Post 359, giving a speech to Legionnaires and their wives on the dangers of Communism. He made a plea for better understanding of the American way of life and government in order to combat world Communism. "We must never forget that if our government is to remain free, it needs the help of every patriotic man,.. Full story »
American Legion Past National Commander Charles Bacon of Post 191 in Missouri was a special guest at Post 359's Past Commander's Ball. The ball was an annual event to honor all past commanders of Post 359 and featured a dinner and dance. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 sold a section of its property to the City of Saint Joseph as the location for a fire station. The station would help protect the city's new growing sectors to the north and east. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 established its third Post Headquarters at the former location of The Red Clock, which was a tavern. The Post raised funding for purchasing the land and building located on what is now Missouri State Highway 6 east of the Frederick Avenue interchange on Interstate 29. The Post also sold a section of the land to the city of Saint Joseph for the location of a fire house. (Information courtesy of The.. Full story »
A Bennington Bicentennial flag was presented to the Saint Joseph Museum in Saint Joseph, Missouri, by representatives of The American Legion. Shown in the photograph from left to right are: American Legion Department of Missouri National Executive Committeeman Cleo T. Martin of Pony Express Post 359; Saint Joseph Mayor William J. Bennett; Richard Nolf, director of the Saint Joseph Museum; Wilton Balle, Bicentennial Chairman of Post 11 in Saint Joseph; and R. A. Brown, Sr.,.. Full story »
The membership of Pony Express Post 359 took part in civic celebrations of 200th Anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America. The city held several patriotic events that the Post participated in including a parade. Full story »
American Legion National Commander Frank I. Hamilton (Post 129, Department of Indiana) visited Saint Joseph, Missouri and was honored at a dinner held at Pony Express Post 359 on May 8, 1980. He spoke at the dinner on various national issues including foreign affairs and veterans issues. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 was awarded First Place in the Department of Missouri Scrapbook History Contest. Post Historian Avaril M. Larkham received an certificate signed by American Legion National Historian James W. Conway and Department Historian Dr. Gerald W. Anderson. It is the first time the Post had won this award. Full story »
Although neither of the participants could have known it at the time, history was made at the Past Commander's Ball held at American Legion Pony Express Post 359 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. One of the attendees (besides the living Past Commanders of Post 359) was Past National Commander (1975 - 1976) Harry Gordon Wiles of Department of Kansas Post 53. He presented a special medal to Joseph J. Frank of Missouri Post 777. Legionnaire Frank.. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 provided support to the United States Constitution Bicentennial Commission of Saint Joseph, Missouri, which was formed to promote and celebrate the 200 years of freedom guaranteed by our Constitution. The Commission promoted a city-wide "Freedom Fest" for the citizens of Saint Joseph to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Constitution on July 4, 1987. Full story »
American Legion Pony Express Post 359 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 359 received a certificate of recognition from the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center in Leavenworth, Kansas for outstanding service to the nation's veterans through the VA's Voluntary Service Program. The Post and Auxiliary volunteered many hours to support veterans from the area who were being treated at the Eisenhower Hospital. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 established their fourth Post Headquarters at 4826 Frederick Avenue in Saint Joseph, Missouri, dedicating the facility on Pearl Harbor Day in 1991. (Information courtesy of The Saint Joseph Telegraph) Full story »
American Legion National Commander Bruce Thiesen of Kingsburg Post 191 of the Department of California, visited Pony Express Post 359 to attend a luncheon held in his honor. National Commander Thiesen spoke to attendees about veterans' health issues and the situation in Somalia. (Information from a story published in The Saint Joseph Telegraph on November 18, 1993.) (Attached photograph courtesy of The Saint Joseph Telegraph published November 18, 1993.) Full story »
American Legion Pony Express Post 359 celebrated 50 years of service with a party held at their Post Headquarters on July 9, 1995. Attending the celebration was Department Commander Dr. Norris Preston and his wife, Peggy. Department Commander Preston spoke on The American Legion's youth programs and their impact on the community; on the Legion being opposed to illegal aliens who are "being treated better than veterans". Commander Preston also voiced the Legion's opposition to.. Full story »