Post 71 Duluth, Minnesota

Post 71

Duluth, Minnesota

Post 71 Duluth, Minnesota

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Post Namesake

West Duluth

Notable Members

60 Years of Continuous Service 

John Tourville

Ronald E. Royer

Gerald W. Privette

Thomas E. Broman

James H. Burud

50 Years of Continuous Service

Donald L. Lemmerman

Kermit R. Cook

What Makes this Post Unique

Largest Post North of Forest Lake




American Legion Post #71 Duluth, MN first officers

Jan 21, 1923

In the latter part of the year of 1922, a group of ex-servicemen from the western part of the City of Duluth gathered at an informal meeting to plan the organization of the American Legion Post #71. Meetings were held, plans made and in January of 1923 the first officers were installed by the State Commander with 20 members in attendance. These officers were:

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The 1920's

May 30, 1923

      Most of the history of the early time was noted throughout the recordings of Community Services and Memorial observations. It was on May 30, 1923 that the first Memorial Day services were held. Also, in the same year they obtained ground for a Soldier’s Plot and installed a Monument at Oneota Cemetery through the ST. Louis County Board. The Monument had an eagle on it and one night years later it was removed..

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Post Secured Memorial Park

May 1, 1924

In May of 1924 the Post Secured Memorial Park from the City Council and purchased a flag pole and markers for the park. In the years of 1926-1927 the post sponsored the motion picture “The Big Parade” which netted the post $889.32. This was the year that twenty-one trees were planted in Memorial Park in honor of the twenty-one West Duluth boys who made the supreme sacrifice. In..

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Post Sponsor's Junior Baseball League

Jan 1, 1928

In 1928, the American Legion began sponsoring American Legion Junior Baseball. The Post also provided and installed road signs reading “Protect our West Duluth Children”. This was well before the present School Police program began. This same year financial donations were given for Christmas funds for soldiers at Nopeming and for orphaned children at the “Y”. Over 100 new members signed up in West Duluth..

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The 1930's

Jan 1, 1930

In 1937-1938, the Post inaugurated the program to obtain the present Public Sports Stadium (Ball Park) which was completed in 1941. In that same year the West Duluth Post and the Shaughnessy Post of Morgan Park donated $1,000.00 towards the purchase of flood lights. The Post also assisted the movement to obtain flood lights and improve seating capacity at the Public Schools Stadium.

Also in this time period the Post..

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The 1940's

Jan 1, 1940

        At the outbreak of World War II, the Post assisted the local draft board by furnishing man power in the draft registration at the various schools. In the War year 1943, the West Duluth Post and the West End Post jointly entertained the Eighth District to a streamlined Convention, at which time Herman Banks of this Post was Eighth District Commander.

During the 1946 Convention the Post sponsored a Carnival Show here..

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The 1950's

Jan 1, 1950

       In 1959, a Memorial aircraft, a F94-C Starfire was transferred by the USAF to the West Duluth American Legion as a gift to George J. Nephew who was Post Commander from 1959-1960. The aircraft was placed in Memorial Park in May of 1960.

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The 1960's

Jan 1, 1960

       The F94-C Starfire Aircraft which was given by the USAF was placed in Memorial Park in May of 1960.

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Grand Opening at Grand Ave

Grand Opening at Grand Ave

Nov 30, 1975

       It was on November 30, 1975 that the new American Legion Post #71 was opened at 5814 Grand Ave. Duluth, Minnesota. The ribbon was cut by the Duluth Mayor Bob Beaudin. The Post Commander was Ted Hubert and the Auxiliary President was Meredith Berg.

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The 1980's

Jan 1, 1980

        After the grand opening the new Post #71 at Grand Ave talks were already starting on expanding the Legion. In October of 1980 the expansion was started. At that time the Commander was Milt Pehl, Roy Berg was Adjutant, Rollie Rouer was Building Chair. Among those who helped were Marv Carvil and John Johnson and others. By 1981 the first floor foundation and walls were up and basement floor was also..

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The 1990's

Jan 1, 1990

        In August of 1990 the Post had a van that took veterans to the Superior Veterans Clinic and to the Minneapolis VA Hospital.

On July 4th of 1992 Commander Clarence Soder presented the City of Duluth with a flag pole that was erected at Bay Front Park.

On May 20th 1995, Armed Forces Day, a bronze plaque was unveiled honoring Mike Colalillo, Duluth’s only living recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and..

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Wayne Hoffman's Story

Oct 29, 2017


      Wayne Hoffman was born on November 10, 1919 in Proctor, MN to Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Emma Hoffman. Carl Hoffman passed away in 1963 and Emma Hoffman in 1960. He had one sibling a sister named Audrey who passed away in 1998...

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Wayne Hoffman's Story