At the outbreak of World War II, the Post assisted the local draft board by furnishing man power in the draft registration at the various schools. In the War year 1943, the West Duluth Post and the West End Post jointly entertained the Eighth District to a streamlined Convention, at which time Herman Banks of this Post was Eighth District Commander.

During the 1946 Convention the Post sponsored a Carnival Show here in West Duluth. The streets were decorated and parades were held and a great number of legionnaires were in attendance.

        The Post meetings were held in numerous locations until 1944 when the purchase of a clubroom was completed. From records, the clubroom was upstairs of the Pioneer National Bank at 331 North Central Ave. in West Duluth. There was a large room with a stage for dances and dinners, a small bar room, a lounge, a kitchen and an office.

        During the years of 1948-1949 the Post raised and contributed to the State Heart Research Fund in the sum of $1,224.00. They also sponsored two boys each year to School Police Summer Camp in Brainerd, Minnesota, one boy from Ely and one boy from St. James School. The Post also sponsored each year one boy from Denfield High School to attend Boys State held at the Farm Campus of the University of Minnesota. That year they sponsored a Denfield High School student in the Legion Oratorical Contest and the next year.



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