In August of 1990 the Post had a van that took veterans to the Superior Veterans Clinic and to the Minneapolis VA Hospital.

On July 4th of 1992 Commander Clarence Soder presented the City of Duluth with a flag pole that was erected at Bay Front Park.

On May 20th 1995, Armed Forces Day, a bronze plaque was unveiled honoring Mike Colalillo, Duluth’s only living recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and a member of West Duluth Post #71. Ray Galazen , Past State Commander of the American Legion was Master of Ceremonies for the rededication of the Mike Colalillo Drive.

On December 6th 1997 a memorial dedication was giving at the American Legion Post #71 for the T-33 Shooting Star, a trainer version of the F-80 Shooting Star which was the first US jet fighter used in combat during the Korean War. Post #71 members who helped in the project include: Sid Henson, Keith Bischoff, Carl Hendrickson, Len Whalen, Ange Pavlatos, Wilmer Brennan and Walter Krieger.


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