I see her everywhere and she sees me. Every time we meet I still want to instinctively bring my hand to my brow and give her the proper wave, but I do not. However, Even though I no longer wear the uniform she never fails to wave at me. Our relationship is different now. She will forever be with me but I no longer watch her rise in the mornings or be laid to bed in the evenings to her music.
Our love is unconditional, she stands for us every day. She bows for us when we fall and blankets us when we leave. Many of us fell in love with her through pain and sacrifice, never through glory and certainly never through popularity! Today she bows for us that are no longer with her and left during their time of courtship to her beautiful colors. It was the blood of brothers by her marriage spilled for each other through conflict of physical and mental battles that she bows for today.
It is their beds that should be lined with flowers, not others! She bows on her knees at the gates of every cemetery watching so many forgotten while others next to them never knowing her love are decorated by habit, not by memory and certainly not by sacrifice..
She has been abused and mistreated, but her representation is unconditional for all.
She is the only one that brings a tear to my eye when I hear her song or I see her folded.
Today she hangs low because it is Memorial Day. A day for those who have gave the ultimate sacrifice. Many in battle abroad and some still in battle at home.
Something that only a courtship of her colors will help one understand.
She is our flag and bows for our fallen.

Semper fidelis
Travis Elfgren