The American Legion’s legacy of support for young people of the nation is explored in Episode 7 of “To Strengthen a Nation.” In this video installment, titled “A Square Deal for Every Child,” hosts Lorna Duyn and Jeric Wilhelmsen recollect The American Legion’s early mission to support children left orphaned, or whose homes were disrupted, after World War I.

The video spotlights Emma Puschner, longtime American Legion Child Welfare Division director, who helped shape national policy to help young people in need, or at risk of juvenile delinquency. The episode tells of how the Legion’s Child Welfare Foundation was established through a generous donation from a World War II combat surgeon and the ways the Children & Youth pillar of The American Legion evolved to provide scholarships, financial assistance and volunteer help through the years, all programs that continue today to show how the organization continues to strengthen the nation, one child at a time.

All episodes of the documentary can be viewed on the LegionTV hub under the "To Strenghthen a Nation" playlist, or on The American Legion YouTube channel under the "To Strengthen a Nation" playlist.