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Post 359  Saint Joseph, Missouri




CHARTER DATE: January 16, 1946

POST NAMESAKE: American Legion Pony Express Post 359, Department of Missouri, is so named because the Pony Express used Saint Joseph, Missouri, as the eastern.. Read more »


NOTABLE MEMBERS: Carlyle Hadley, Post Commander 1950 - 1951, Fourth District Commander 1958 - 1960, Department Vice Commander 1960 - 1961 (First.. Read more »

WHAT MAKES OUR POST UNIQUE: We have sponsored The American Legion JROTC Military Excellence Award Program for the Saint Joseph School District JROTC Program for 55 years and serve as a information and support outlet for veterans issues in Saint Joseph and surrounding communities.

Pony Express Post 359 receives permanent charter from National. Charter Members are: Abner D. McKinnon, Paul M. Riedle, Hugh M. Howard, Arthur C. Jones, Everett L. Johnson, Everett E. Klusman, Clifton L. Thompson, J. Glen Venable, Julian Midler, Alfred G. Roth, Stan P. Crump, Joseph E. Suhoskey, Samuel M. Spair, Carl C. Castel, Harry E. Agnew, Calvin Weinberg, Alex Mendell, Jake Lieberman, Earl C. Gartin, Charles Piro, Max E. Lance and Paul E. Growney. First Post Commander.. Full story »
On October 10, 1951, Sons of The American Legion Pony Express Squadron 359 was chartered by the Post. The Squadron has over the period of its existence provided valuable support to various Legion programs including Americanism, Children and Youth and Community Service. Full story »
Kenneth L. Tucker, Commander of The American Legion Department of Missouri (Post 431) spoke at the regular meeting of Post 359, giving a speech to Legionnaires and their wives on the dangers of Communism. He made a plea for better understanding of the American way of life and government in order to combat world Communism. "We must never forget that if our government is to remain free, it needs the help of every patriotic man,.. Full story »
American Legion Past National Commander Charles Bacon of Post 191 in Missouri was a special guest at Post 359's Past Commander's Ball. The ball was an annual event to honor all past commanders of Post 359 and featured a dinner and dance. Full story »
A Bennington Bicentennial flag was presented to the Saint Joseph Museum in Saint Joseph, Missouri, by representatives of The American Legion. Shown in the photograph from left to right are: American Legion Department of Missouri National Executive Committeeman Cleo T. Martin of Pony Express Post 359; Saint Joseph Mayor William.. Full story »
The membership of Pony Express Post 359 took part in civic celebrations of 200th Anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America. The city held several patriotic events that the Post participated in including a parade. Full story »
American Legion National Commander Frank I. Hamilton (Post 129, Department of Indiana) visited Saint Joseph, Missouri and was honored at a dinner held at Pony Express Post 359 on May 8, 1980. He spoke at the.. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 was awarded First Place in the Department of Missouri Scrapbook History Contest. Post Historian Avaril M. Larkham received an certificate signed by American Legion National Historian James W. Conway and Department Historian.. Full story »
Although neither of the participants could have known it at the time, history was made at the Past Commander's Ball held at American Legion Pony Express Post 359 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. One of the attendees (besides the living Past Commanders of Post 359) was Past National Commander (1975 - 1976) Harry Gordon Wiles of Department of Kansas Post 53. He presented a special medal to Joseph J. Frank of Missouri Post 777. Legionnaire Frank.. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 provided support to the United States Constitution Bicentennial Commission of Saint Joseph, Missouri, which was formed to promote and celebrate the 200 years of freedom guaranteed by our Constitution. The Commission promoted a city-wide "Freedom Fest" for the citizens of Saint Joseph to celebrate the 200th.. Full story »
On Veterans Day 1995, Pony Express Post 359 (in conjunction with Memorial Park Cemetery and the Joint Veterans Committee of Saint Joseph, Missouri) held a ceremony to dedicate a 10 foot tall black granite monument as a memorial to all the veterans who had served in America's wars and conflicts since her birth as a nation. The ceremony was held in icy winter conditions but was well attended. Post Commander Larry Waller read a dedication.. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 launched its website ( on June 16, 1998. The site is used as a portal to other web sites of use and interest to veterans, promote Post activities, invite eligible veterans to.. Full story »
A dinner honoring American Legion National Commander Harold L. "Butch" Miller (Post 364, Department of Virginia) was held at Pony Express Post 359 on November 23, 1998. The dinner was held under the auspices of the Fourth District of The American Legion Department of Missouri. District Commander Robert Beaver of Post 359 presented National Commander Miller with a Pony Express Rider statue in honor of his visit. National Commander Miller spoke to the crowd attending.. Full story »
The following is from the Congressional Record, Volume 147, Nr. 82, pages e1089 - e1090, containing the remarks on the floor of the United States House of Representatives by Representative Sam Graves of Missouri's Sixth Congressional.. Full story »
Sons of The American Legion Pony Express Squadron 359 sent one dollar for each of their members under the age of 18 to support America's Fund for Afghan Children, a program established by President George W. Bush. "We support President Bush in his efforts to show compassion and mercy to those in need," said Past Squadron Commander Jerome L. Goolsby. Past Commander Goolsby encouraged other youth organizations in the area to make similar donations to.. Full story »
NOVEMBER 6, 2001 - - American Legion Pony Express Post 359 announced that it has given over 950 copies of the Flag Code to the St. Joseph School District for distribution to third grade students as part of their education in flag etiquette. The Patriotic Activities Act passed by the Missouri Legislature in 1997 mandates education on the flag for students in Missouri. The American Legion wrote the Flag Code in 1923 and it became.. Full story »
Pony Express Post 359 presented Blue Star Service Banners to families of the 139th Airlift Wing at Rosecrans ANGB, Saint Joseph, Missouri, at a special picnic held May 11, 2002 by the wing's family support group. The Blue Star Banner Service Program was started during World War I and was.. Full story »
Sons of The American Legion Pony Express Squadron 359 was named the Detachment of Missouri (Western Division) Squadron of The Year for 2003. During the year the Squadron was "Over The Top" in membership, sponsored an award for a youth participant at the National Military Heritage Museum's annual model building contest, co-sponsored a hole at the Sons of The American Legion Invitational Golf Tournament held at the 2003 National Convention, provided a scholarship in the.. Full story »
On May 29, 2004, during Memorial Day weekend, the long-awaited National World War II Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C. Realizing that many World War II veterans would be unable to attend the dedication in Washington,.. Full story »
A luncheon honoring American Legion National Commander Thomas P. Cadmus (Post 155, Department of Michigan) was held at Pony Express Post 359 on April 25, 2005. The dinner was held under the auspices of the Fourth.. Full story »