June 14, 1918 - The Kerr County Local Board has received instructions to entrain (a word not used today, but means "to draw along with" - Today we would use the word "draft".) Those notified to hold themselves in readiness to meet this call: W.H. Hargrove, Armin O. Apelt, Wm Arthur Taylor, Richard Leeder, Gus R. Wehmeyer, Jas. L. Lyons, C.C. Reagan, Aug. Bartel, Ernest Bierman, O.W. Graham, Dan A. Crider, Jas, B Ferris, Geo. M. Hollimon, Oscar Licch, Erick Spenrath, Wm. Clements, Percy C. Bowles, Arlie W. Terry, Stanley H. Patton, W.D.C. Miller, Arthur Boerner, Chas. Rose, M.C. Terrell, Burl Kane, B.D. Taylor, Simn Eckstein, Lester Lee Coons, W. Geo. Blevins, Wm. H. Stone, E. Rargas, Noble Stern, M.R. Hood, G.K. Hollimon, W.M. Reeves, N.R. Taylor, Albert L. Byas, W.B. Childs, J.J. Childs, O.W. Goss, E.G. Buchanan, J.L. Crowell, B.F. Baker, F.F. Biermann, Jose Vargas and J. Laid Merritt.

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