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Post 13  Kerrville, Texas, Texas




CHARTER DATE: January 1, 1920

POST NAMESAKE: Garrett-Baker Post 13 was named for Earl Garrett and Sidney Baker, two young men who died in France during The Great War. Two.. Read more »

WHAT MAKES OUR POST UNIQUE: Garrett-Baker Post 13 is one of the oldest posts in Texas. Many of the veterans who gained prominence in Kerrville were members of Post 13. Read more »

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June 14, 1918 - The Kerr County Local Board has received instructions to entrain (a word not used today, but means "to draw along with" - Today we would use the word "draft".) Those notified to hold themselves in readiness to meet this call: W.H. Hargrove, Armin O. Apelt, Wm Arthur Taylor, Richard Leeder, Gus R. Wehmeyer, Jas. L. Lyons, C.C. Reagan, Aug. Bartel, Ernest Bierman, O.W. Graham, Dan A. Crider, Jas, B Ferris, Geo. M. Hollimon, Oscar Licch, Erick Spenrath, Wm. Clements, Percy C. Bowles, Arlie W. Terry, Stanley H. Patton, W.D.C. Miller, Arthur Boerner, Chas. Rose, M.C. Terrell,.. Full story »
Department of Texas Commander R.C. Winters gave the Armistice Day address at a program arranged by various organizations, including the Garrett-Baker Post 13. Commander Winters is one of the outstanding heroes of the Lone Star State having been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in The World War. Full story »
The New York Giants and the Chicago White Sox played an exhibition game to benefit the Legion Hospital just east of Kerrville, Texas. They were in spring training in San Antonio when their team managers agreed to the exhibition game if the veterans in the U.S. Veterans Hospital at Legion were admitted free and the proceeds went to the emergency relief fund of Garrett-Baker Post 13 in Kerrville. (Note: Legion, Texas is now a part.. Full story »
The American Legion, Garrett-Baker Post 13 assisted the Department of Texas which was responsible for dedicating the Legion Cemetery located east of what is now the Kerrville VA Hospital. The area once known as Legion is now a part of Kerrville, Texas The road running in front of the cemetery is now known as Spur 100. In the background between the trees you can see the Kerrville VA Hospital. Full story »
Garrett-Baker Post 13 assisted the Department of Texas in dedicating the American Legion Cemetery located on the east side of the Legion Hospital grounds. Access to the cemetery now (2016) is from Spur 100. Speakers included Kerrville Mayor Holdsworth,Pat Murphy of the 16th District, Department of Texas Commander Nesbit and American Legion State of Texas Contact Officer Wynne Good. The principal speaker was Texas Lieutenant Governor Edgar E. Whitt. Full story »
An article in the June 6, 1933, Kerrville Mountain Sun tells of some of the work of Garrett-Baker and Louis Halpern American Legion Posts. Mrs. Tinney’s veteran husband had recently passed away. Although she had a small one room house (lot and house cost $75) in Oak Park (close to the Legion Hospital, the small one room house needed a lot of work. Members of the Garrett-Baker and Louis Halphen posts donated their time and money to add another room, new flooring, roofing, windows and a door. All of the materials were purchased by the two American Legion posts and.. Full story »
In the picture above, from the Kerrville Mountain Sun newspaper, the men in the picture are identified as the Kerrville baseball team. Local Historian Joe Herring believes the ball players to be Manager Ernst Schwethelm, Manager/Pitcher Al Manny, Eddie Hanson, Charlie Rawson, Caspar Real, Felix Mosel, Emmett Henke, Werner Lochte, "an important catcher", Nick Garcia, and "one of the Mittanek boys". Jim Leak speculates that the baseball team was an American Legion baseball club. Full story »
Kerrville Mayor Holdsworth proclaimed May 25th "American Legion Memorial Poppy Day." The proclamation urged all citizens to honor the World War dead by wearing the American Legion and Legion Auxiliary memorial poppy on that day and to aid the war’s living victims by contributing to the Legion and Auxiliary welfare funds. Part of the approximation reads: “From the battle front in France our returning soldiers brought the poppy as the symbol of sacrifice and the memorial flower of the dead. Each year on the Saturday before Memorial Day the men of the American Legion and the women of the American.. Full story »
In 1936 the American Legion conducted a safety program which, according to this newspaper account proved that moderate speed driving not only contributes to safety, it is also economical. This fact was proven last Friday by a series of gas tests conducted by Garrett-Baker Post 13, American Legion, through the cooperation of Peterson Auto Company. The tests were in line with the American Legion's safety campaigns, currently inaugurated. The cars were .. under the watchful.. Full story »