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Decorate Christmas Ornaments

Post 290  Hendersonville, Tennessee

November 3, 2017

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Tennessee's First Lady Chrissy Haslam has asked the American Legion Department of Tennessee to make 200 Christmas ornaments to be displayed in Conservation Hall. This year the Residence will feature the Departments of the Military, Safety & Homeland Security, and Veterans Services, with a “Tennessee Heroes” theme.
The ornaments will represent the 5 branches of the Armed Forces, Military children & families, women in the military/women heroes/servicewomen, and Tennessee veterans. 
We are asking your help in creating ornaments for our Tennessee Veterans trees! Whether made by veterans themselves, youth associated with your organization, or those passionate about honoring our servicemen and women, we would love to have your help in gathering handcrafted ornaments to fill these trees.  
Important Notes about Ornament Design and Presentation: - We are asking your organization to help us make 200 ornaments to display to honor Tennessee veterans.   - The ornaments and artwork can be created out of any medium. It is not necessary to create traditional Christmas ornaments. Instead, we would love to display unique art and unique mediums. Feel free to use your creative license—we are excited to see what you create!  o We please ask that ornaments have a hook, loop, or wire to hang the artwork on a tree OR that they have a hole for us to create a means to hang the ornament. o Artwork should be small enough to hang on a tree—ornaments larger than 8” x 8” or especially heavy are difficult to hang. o You may also create a tree-topper that can be hung/wired to the top of your tree, but this is not a requirement. - We will include the name of your program/group with your tree/s.

Please mail them to Department Headquarters, or Post 290, by Friday November 3rd. Thank you!

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