The Post decides to add another name of a veteran from later wars to the American Legion Post 95. The name Lee Cornwell was chosen from three veterans who had died in service, (all sons of American Legionnaires) David Bradfute, Richard Hamilton, and Lee Cornwell. In the future Post 95 would be known as Foody-Cornwell Post 95. Thus it came to pass that two Xenia war heroes, who died on the battlefields in France nearly twenty-six years apart and in two different great conflicts, have been honored jointly.

"Captain Franklin Lee Cornwell"- Captain Cornwell, a graduate of Xenia Central High School, entered service when Company L, Xenia unit of the Ohio National Guard, was inducted into service in October 1940 and later went to Officers Candidate school. He had received a citation for exceptional meritorious conduct during a training accident in Ireland where he attempted to recover the body of a drowned enlisted man. After his death, he was awarded a Bronze Star posthumously for bravery during a battle on June 12, 1944. He was killed on June 19, 1944 on Beach of St. Lo, where he was buried until after the war and then his body was brought home to be buried in Woodland Cemetery at "Veterans Circle" in Xenia, Ohio.

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