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Post 95  Xenia, Ohio




CHARTER DATE: October 1, 1920

POST NAMESAKE: Joseph P. Foody - Killed at the Argonne Forrest during WWI; Franklin Lee Cornwell - Killed at Beach of St.Lo during WWII Read more »

FIRST COMMANDER: Capt. Charles Darlington

NOTABLE MEMBERS: Capt. Charles Darlington, one of our most honored Post members, took part in the Paris Caucus. He came back to.. Read more »

WHAT MAKES OUR POST UNIQUE: American Legion Post 95 has been there from the beginning. From feeding the needy in the basement of the Greene County Court House in the early 1920's; to helping after the Xenia tornado in 1974; decorating veterans graves; distributing food.. Read more »

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Capt. Charles L. Darlington was one of 1,000 officers and enlisted members of the American Expeditionary Force to convene in Paris for the first American Legion caucus. During WWI Captain Darlington attended officer's training school at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, Indiana, from August 27, 1917 to November 27 of that same year. He was made an infantry captain on November 27, 1917. He went to Camp Grant in Illinois where he remained until September 17,.. Full story »
Meeting for the purpose of organization was called to order by Paul Creswell, temporary chairman. Charles Darlington was duly nominated and elected Post Commander. Nominations for Post Adjutant being next. Ohmer Tate was nominated. There being no further nominations, candidate Tate was elected. The name of Joseph Foody and W.W. White were next presented as permanent names for the Post. The name of Joseph Foody was finally adopted. The following delegates and alternates to the.. Full story »
In 1920 the Post held a "June Festival" which was a decided financial success. The Post made $2,800.00 from the Festival which was held for a week at the "Rink" on East Third Street. During this year of 1920 the Foody Post was the recipient of a beautiful bronze tablet presented by the George Dodds Company. This tablet is still a cherished possession. The same year a beautiful American flag was received from the W.R.C... Full story »
For sometime, the Legion Post meetings were held in the Chamber of Commerce rooms in the Faust Building. On May 6, 1945, The Legion House Committee headed by Robert Steele recommends acceptance of the offer of the Taylor estate of the "Kingdom" property on East Main Street. The building was converted into new quarters for the Legion after agreeing to pay the inheritance tax. Donations from our first post commander, Charles Darlington, and others made.. Full story »
The Post decides to add another name of a veteran from later wars to the American Legion Post 95. The name Lee Cornwell was chosen from three veterans who had died in service, (all sons of American Legionnaires) David Bradfute, Richard Hamilton, and Lee Cornwell. In the future Post 95 would be known as Foody-Cornwell Post 95. Thus it came to pass that two Xenia war heroes, who died on the battlefields in France nearly.. Full story »
Foody Post 95 was re-chartered May 15, 1946, with the name of Franklin Lee Cornwell being added to the Post name which is now the Foody-Cornwell Post 95 Full story »
The American Legion Auxiliary received its charter on July 24, 1946. Post 95 made arrangements to have the Auxiliary meet in the Legion quarters. Full story »
With the selling of the "Kingdom" on East Main St., the home of Foody-Cornwell Post 95 for many years, the search was on to locate property for a new post home. After several meetings with City of Xenia officials and property owners, property was purchased at 356 Home Ave. Verdin Moll, architect, Gerald Matthews, general contractor (both Post 95 members), were selected to construct the new post home. The new Post home will contain several.. Full story »
In April of 1974, Xenia sustained a category F5 tornado which destroyed half the town. Although the new Post Home on Home Ave. was, for the most part complete, but had not been released to Post 95 yet, the decision was made to use the building as a homeless shelter for the citizens of Xenia. The Post was active during this period taking in clothes and food for the homeless citizens of Xenia and whatever.. Full story »
With the decline in membership and being unable to maintain the Post property, a motion was made to sell the Post property at 356 Home Ave. to A.H.O.P. Church. The chandelier that hangs in the Post Home was originally in the Joseph Warren King Home in Xenia. The American Legion had purchased the King home for its first Post Home, then later sold the home to construct the current Post Home. With the selling of.. Full story »
After several moves between 2003 -2011 the Post began talking with the local V.F.W. Post about merging the two posts into one location. With positive talks, American Legion Foody-Cornwell Post 95 moved in with V.F.W. Post 2402 at 850 W. Second St. The sign out front on the building now says Posts V.F.W 2402 and Legion 95. Full story »