A meeting was held in April, 1919 at the temporary national offices of The American Legion, on Nassau Street, New York City. During this meeting, a temporary State Committee was selected. Maj. General John F. O’ Ryan was appointed the temporary state chairmen with Major Cornelius W. Wickersham as acting secretary.
These two men with a committee of twenty-one, divided the State into five districts committees and appointed temporary district chairmen for organizing the districts into posts. Dist. 1. Wade H. Hayes, New York, Dist. 2. Charles W. Berry, Brooklyn, Dist. 3. Parton Swift, West New York, Dist. 4. J. Leslie Kincaid, Central New York, Dist. 5, Raphael A. Egan, Hudson River. Word went out for members to be chosen from around the state for the St. Louis Caucus of May 8 to 10, 1919. (Department of New York Records).

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