Lieut. Col. Theodore Roosevelt of the 28th Infantry , who has been put in charge of organizing in this country an association of officers and enlisted men who have served in the American forces in the world war , gave out a statement at his home on , 165 East Seventy-fourth Street, last night. Colonel Roosevelt said that the meeting in this country for organization would be held about the end of April and that the place of the meeting had not be fixed. He said that he was now busy with the details of the work.
Representatives of the meeting which is being held in Paris-- March 15 to March 17--will promptly come to America to co-operate with those who have not had the privilege of serving overseas and with the discharged members in this country of the Expedition Force.
Roosevelt said he expected to receive by cable within the next day or two details of what was done at the meeting in Paris. When those details are received they will be announced by him. (The New York Times, March17, 1919).

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