Included here is a copy of the Application for Charter for Post of American Legion listing the names of the fifty veterans who signed the document. These veterans who started it all should not be forgotten and they were: Hal M. Lowry, John C. Clayton,Adrian E. Moreau, George H. Smock, Charles H. Evold, Harry D. Hance, Everett A. Woolfenden, John Newmeyer, Maltby W. Conover, Joe R. DuBois, Joseph H. Conover, Lester B. Kip, David M. Carswell, Lewis W. Tovey, Charles R. Conover, Walter C. Baird, Martin Malia, Harvey S. Brown, Thomas Gardner, James McGowan, Fred Shields, Vincent J. Dugan, Howard Stokes, William Johns, Irwin Wyckoff, Raymond T. Lykes, Joseph P. Torre, Michael Cunningham, David Fitzgerald, Lew Tannenbaum, Edward H. Cook, Benjaim Zlotkin, John Carswell Jr., Oliver R. Heiser, N.H. Torello, Lawrence Sherlock, Willard C. Little, Leonard J. Rue, Louis S. Dey, James A. Stokes, Maurice C. Dobbins, Raymond Conners, Renson L. Meyers, Edward H. Yetman, Dorrie Smythe, Arthur Smythe, Raymond Jones, William M. Hepburn, George M.F. Randolph, Stacy E. Matthews.



Application for Post of American Legion, Page 2


Post Application for Permanent Charter


Signers of note to Freehold Trust Company


Statement of passing of title for post home


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