For the second year in a row the forty members of the Claude J. Brewster Post No. 25 Drum Corps were the official New Hampshire Drum Corps at the National Convention, this year in Boston. To help cover travel expenses, two days before their departure the Newport Board of Trade sponsored a reception, inspection of the Corps, and benefit dance at the Town Hall. Following their arrival in Boston, they were selected to escort General John J. Pershing from South Station to his Copley Plaza hotel. That same day they marched through the lobby of the Statler Hotel, headquarters of the New Hampshire delegation. When leading the New Hampshire Legionnaires in the parade on October 7 the featured song was “New Hampshire Marches On.” The Drum Corps was not the only scene stealer from Newport: a “bucking flivver” (the forbear of Leapin’ Lena) entertained the crowd. The insignia for Billy B. Van’s Pine Tree Products adorned the side of the car, and its occupants (Paul Benner, Ted Louiselle, and James Wright) threw the crowd over one thousand cakes of Pine Tree Soap. This convention was a huge success, and kept the “Sunshine Town” on the map!

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