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Newport's Drum Corps Meet President Hoover

Post 25  Newport, New Hampshire

September 29, 1929

On the way to the American Legion Convention in Louisville, Kentucky the Drum and Bugle Corps met with President Hoover at the White House.

Kneeling from left: James Wright, Earl Stevens, Ted Corliss, Albert Heneault, Harry “Doc” Brown, Wilfred Snow, Richard Donovan, John Brooks, Harold Bagley, Charles Aiken, Sam Edes, George Conroy.

Standing behind them, from left: William Brown, Maurice Downing, Dewey Hastings, Amos Shepard, Mr. Nichols, Benjamin Burr, Costos Economu, Dell Graves (not in uniform and behind Mr. Economu), Leland Riley, Harold Wiggins, Ed Kelton, Jess Bagley, Leonard Dudley, Lyle Eastman, William Aiken, Milo Brill, drum major.

Newport American Legionnaires kneeling, from left: Marshall Perkins, Cleon Johnson, Sr., Harold Fairbanks, Frank Leonard, Nat Daimont, William Hoy. Standing from left are: Robert Wilkins, Archie Eastman, Fred Brown, Robert Shedd, Bert Davis, Frank Hutchinson and Frank Cram.