Newport’s American Legion Fife, Drum and Bugle Corps had their first practice in October of 1927. They officially adopted bylaws and elected officers in March of 1928. The first officers were Captain Earl Stevens, Lieutenant (fife section), Nat Daimont, Lieutenant (trumpet section), Harold G. Fairbanks, President Frank P. Hutchinson, Secretary and Treasurer M. J. Downing, and Directors Clinton Corliss, Charles F. Aiken, and Cleon L. Johnson. Delford R. Graves was the instructor. Enthusiasm was so high within the Corps that in less than two years they won the top state-wide competition to represent New Hampshire at the 1929 National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

Money was scarce during the Depression, so local and state organizations helped raise money to fund the trip south. Although Newporters could not see them march in their new red, white and blue uniforms, they eagerly listened to their performance which was broadcasted over local radio. The Drum Corps was temporarily renamed the New Hampshire Drum Corps of the American Legion, and would be the first time the New Hampshire Legionnaires were to march in a parade at a National Convention. On the way to Louisville they met with President Hoover at the White House and visited Mount Vernon. Thus began the rich chapter of Drum Corps history, which remained strong for the next eight years.

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