In the family pic are, from left to right: Front row: Me with my grand-daughter (20 months old) Cecilia-Lee Antoinette Larochelle, Christine-Lee (Dyer) Kane, my cousin who lives in our grandparents’ house on Douglas St., she is Sheila Dyer’s daughter, sister to Keith, and great niece, as I am, to Henry J. Next to Chris is Joan Clark, grand-daughter to Henry J.’s sister Helen, and great niece to Henry J. She is our cousin, and we just met her on this day, how wonderful! Next to Joan is my dad, Raymond Lamy, who has been a member of Sweeney Post for many years. Behind my dad is my niece, Noelle Fischer, behind Noelle is my son, Ryan Harding. To the left of Noelle in the back row is my sister, Angela Lamy-Fischer, great niece of Henry J., Aaron Kane, son of Christine-Lee Kane, my daughter, Katharine-Lee (Harding) Larochelle, and her husband, Timothy Larochelle.



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